The Pie Safe Makeover...

Hello & welcome to 
The Pie Safe Makeover! 

I had this rather functional piece hidden in the WAY BACK of my closet under the stairs. It was one the my granny gave to me when we first moved home from our Air Force tour. Our house then was itty bitty, so I used this as my pantry in the kitchen (& under that sassy red floral wallpaper is a "country cow" handpainted design that would make any mauve loving, 80's decorating heart swoon). ;)

My sneaky boy needed some storage for his treasures & trinkets, so I got busy on this one down in the garage! I had a can of Southern Honey Workshop paint that needed to get used up, I am not sure of the exact name but the color is a nice, manly NAVY blue. I ran up on this brand at the barn sale last spring, the vendor swore on bibles that the formula was exactly the same as Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (& $10 cheaper per can). I will just say that this is nice paint, but the formula is not exactly the same...the end. ;)

In a rather tradional fashion, I spent a few HOURS slaving over the doors of this cabinet....

only to decide that I liked it better with them OFF (so classic).

I had a roll of beadboard wallpaper laying around (doesn't everyone?), so I covered the panels & painted them...they really looked nice.

But, my E is a busy man...
he has no time for opening & closing.
These doors would just be standing wide open all the time (& that would give me just one more thing to have to fool with every time I walked into his little time fo dat).

So, I found some little chalkboard tagged baskets at Homegoods & labeled his things. He's all about some words lately (God bless you, Ms Pat)...combine that with his tidy obsession & you have a happy little boy!

He has a fun little room,
it's one of my favorites in the house!

Well, I'm hopping up here (Easter pun intended). ;)
My nephews are in town...

Yesterday we played & hunted eggs at Grandma's,
then had a lazy carry-out pizza night (David's, yum!!!) out here at our house...
finished it off with few laps around the yard in the gator.

Good times! ;)

We are going to spend some time with them before they head home.

But first I have to go deal with this...

Patti has started dipping in the pool,
then rolling in the dirt...

cats, dogs, kids....
they completely drive me crazy!!!!!!!

Wishing you the most beautfiul & blessed Easter weekend!

Double Mwah! ;)