Family Wellness Coach...part 1

Good morning & welcome to Saturday morning rambling...;)

Things are starting to wind down here,
summer is so close,
I can almost reach out & touch it.
I cling!!!

I wanted to pop in this morning &
tell you guys about a new adventure at the P House...
a Family Wellness Coach.

It's an ongoing quest for me...
feeding my family and myself
the healthiest way that I possibly can.

It's SO easy to eat bad,
especially when you're busy & constantly on the go!

In addition, there is SO much information out there...
too much, in fact...
this diet, that diet, eat this, never eat that, etc, etc...

It can be really overwhelming!!!

So, this spring I noticed that my sweet friend, Jennie was getting serious about being a Wellness Coach.
I took a leap & decided to let her take a crack at coaching my family.
Bless her sweet heart! ;)

My GOAL is to feed myself & my family the things that we love to eat.
Jennie's GOAL is to teach me how to do it (prepare it) the healthiest way possible!

The first thing we did was sit down and talk about our family, their eating habits, concerns, etc. She had a long list of questions for me to answer.

Then she came to our house & we cleaned out the fridge & pantry (she was probably blessing my heart then, ha). Here's a sampling of what we pulled out, stuff I knew wasn't that great...but, it was stuff P Daddy & I have been eating our whole lives or stuff my kids have snuck into my grocery cart (I Spy Beefaroni).

I bagged it up & donated it.
I couldn't throw it away
(but I didn't love donating bad food either...Lord, please forgive me).

As we pulled things out,
I made a new list of exactly WHAT to replace those things with.

This involved me going to Kroger.

If you know me,
then you know that there is only one place I hate more than Kroger & that's Walmart...

But alas, a Krogering I went.

Here are a couple of simple swaps I made...
peanut butter that contains just peanuts & salt,
ketchup that contains so additives or fructose corn syrup...
(keep both in the fridge).

I also swapped our bread...
we've eaten honey wheat for years:

now we are eating the WHOLE wheat version:

 (& my kids swear that's the best peanut butter & honey sandwich they have ever tasted now).

I brought home tons more fruits & veggies than I ever have, all of which were gone by mid week (I'll buy double next time).

This past week, Jennie met me (at the dreaded Kroger) with a meal plan for the week & a shopping list (which she sent me the night before so I could see what I already had at home). She introduced me to tons of new things, all things that my family devoured this week & swore on bibles it was their new favorite forever!!

I say that this blog entry is Part One because we are just getting started making changes here & I will come back to share what is working for us. I know healthy eating is a very serious topic for some moms and it's a very confusing topic for others (I'm the latter). Please do not be offended by my ignorance here, ha...and feel free to comment & share good stuff that you feed your family, because I would love to hear your input.

Wishing y'all a beautiful Saturday!