May Madness...

I completely skip over March Madness,
because the REAL madness here is in May!

Beware of the Ides of...May
Or just beware OF MAY in general!

For two weeks now I've been trying to sit down & blog...

I start, I am interrupted, lose my train of thought (look, a squirrel)...
return to the blog entry two days later &
cannot remember why I thought that was something worth blogging about...meh!

I'm basically living in my car...
driving E to the boro for his tutoring (that daily 90 minutes in the car has sent me completely over the edge),
Miss O playing dual softball & this week VOLLEYBALL,
Big O constantly needing to be dropped off somewhere (I'm starting to honestly look forward to him being a driver himself, if I can get past the sheer terror of it).

I hope May isn't gnawing a hole in your behind like it is mine!

There are so many exciting things going on out here at our house...
some of them will just have to wait until later this month to share
(& no, we have not sold our house yet)
(but I am seriously hoping that it will, true story).

Lately, it doesn't take much to make me throw my head back & laugh...
being exhausted does that to me.
My kids know it's bad that when mama just bursts out in laughter for no reason at all...
some people drink whine, smoke, run ten miles...
I bray like a donkey.
(true story).

Sneaky E brought this darling self portrait home from art class...
the likeliness is just spot on...
I laughed right out loud (not in front of him, of course)!
Too, too cute!

And all too soon,
my blogging time is up
(basically because the batteries in my wireless keyboard are dead & I am losing my patience chicken pecking this entry)

Hang in there, friends...
summer is coming!!

Happy Friday
& Happy Mother's Day Weekend!