Nibbles on Friday...

It is May 30th...
I feel like I should be spewing champagne like a winning Nascar driver!

I made it!!!

I don't know why, but May seems to get more stressful every year!
My nephew's birthday, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, TCAP, Field Day, End of the year parties...
combine that with baseball practice, softball practice, volleyball try-outs, football meetings
& you've got a recipe for a CRAZY mama!

I thought I'd share a few nibbles,
since I haven't enough sense right now to compose a real blog entry...


Our house is For Sale...
you knew this, I just wanted to remind you. ;)

They came out & made this really cool video to add to our listing...
(unfortunately it was MAY & my house was not in HGTV perfect condition, I do live here with 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 cats...)

You can check it out here.


If we sell our house, we are going to move into town
(think, the county mice become city mice). ;)

This is the house we are going to buy...

Yep, that one.
Built in 1909...
completely renovated, but still has a few original light fixtures & windows...

I swoon, every time I think about living there!

If it's meant to be,
it will be.


While I live in realtor limbo...
I have been a pinning fool!

You can see what I'm dreaming of DOING to that old house
(paint colors, wallpaper, etc) here.


Miss O is headed to camp this weekend.
I have spent a small fortune getting her ready to go...

ONE whole week...
considering the fact that she can barely make it overnight at a friend's house,
this is HUGE step for her!

She's pretty excited.
I'm kinda jealous.
Yesterday she asked me if it were possible that she had a twin she wasn't aware of.


My sister's brother in law got married last weekend.

I SO wanted to attend,
but I was busy logging 17 hours at the ballpark for a softball tournament.
(insert wailing & moaning here)


Here's a picture they shared from the big day...

I am squirming in my seat,
I cannot WAIT to see the rest!!


As I am sure this will be the source of local gossip pretty soon...

all three of our kids are going to be attending public school next year...

all three of our kids are going to be attending DIFFERENT schools next year
for the first time ever!

Long story short...
private school is expensive.
You can look it up, do the math...
we decided that in the long run
public school is going to be a smarter financial choice for our family.

No drama, no scandal, no burnt bridges...

no gossip...

sorry. ;)

Just a new adventure for these three awesome kids!

So far Miss O has tried out & MADE the volleyball team at her new school (60 something girls & only 18 made it), the high school football coach requested a meeting with P Daddy & Big O (of course mama had to tag along, "it was much too exciting to miss" I told him...ha!)...he says he needs a fullback (I have no idea what that is, but it delighted Big O), and Sneaky E visited his new school & left grinning ear to ear (as mama knows so many teachers there, he couldn't get his dimples complimented enough...such a rat!).

Change is so hard...I think it's been harder on me
(because I DO NOT like change).

I've been very proud of the kids,
they are going to get after it! ;)


Wellness Adventure is going well.

There's not a nibble of junk food in our house now &
we are cutting WAY back on sugar!

I see my kids walking by with apples, oranges, celery, etc...
it's awesome crazy!

((Unfortunately, P Daddy just confessed this morning to buying &
hiding Lucky Charms out in the pool house!))
I swear!


It's May 30th...did I mention that?

Oh, my word...
we made it!!


I loved the VC Andrews books when I was a teenager...

Lifetime has redone the Flowers in the Attic movie & Petals on the Wind (which as on the other night, it was good but racy...yikes).

Have you read these? I tried to read Flowers in the Attic again a couple of years ago, but the storyline with Cory was just too heart wrenching for me...all I could think about was Sneaky E!! But after watching this second movie, I completely forgot about Cathy's sons & that there are three more books...

so many books, so little time!!!


I've got to get up & head to the gym...
Big O is wearing me out!

I need to DE-stress anyway! ;)

 I'll be back to talk about summer clothes & dressing mama in a heat wave...

Wishing y'all the most lovely weekend!