Tennessee Jr Vol Football Camp...

Summer is in FULL FORCE here!

Last week was FUN,
but it was a whipper!

We took off down the interstate EARLY
on Sunday to deliver Miss O to camp...
where she had an awesome time &
a stew of adventures! 

Or perhaps, Mis-adventures...
Ha, so classic!

After checking her in,
the boys & I headed up the interstate
to Knoxville for our own little adventure!

Big O & I teamed up to take Sneaky E to
enjoy is first experience as a Jr Vol Camper
at Butch Jones Football Camp at the University of TN.

Really now, these kids get to have all the fun!!

Big O has done this camp in the past,
but it was under Coach Dooley
& I just don't remember it being this fun.

Coach Jones & his staff,
they know how to do it! ;)

Oh, my word!!!
Evan was all about it
& we had so much fun watching him out there!

This little camp was two half days long.

We stayed & watched quite a bit
(because the weather was just absolutely divine)...

but Big O & I used this opportunity to get out
and make an "unofficial visit" to UT & tour the campus.
(& how on EARTH can I be old enough
to have a child looking at college!?!?!)

The University of TN campus is HUGE,
but after a couple of days wandering around...
it's just like anywhere else &
feels smaller once you figure out where you're going.

Because there is SO MUCH construction on campus right now,
we decided to WALK to the stadium
from our hotel on the first day of camp
(I mean, why not!?! It was only 3/4 of a mile...HILLS). ;)

It was fine (& mostly downhill) in the morning.
But after camp, poor Evan said his legs could not go...LOL!
Big O to the rescue!! ;)

I'm so glad that we ended up walking because
we cut through World's Fair Park on our way back to the hotel...

only since 1982
(yes folks, I said '82)
have I dreamed of going up in the Sunsphere!

It was quite a thrill (& free)!
You can see Neylan Stadium &
the river in this picture...the view was amazing!!
(& I did not throw up or pass out one time, ha)

We sure do appreciate Coach Butch Jones
& his staff offering this awesome fun Jr Vol opportunity...
Evan will be talking about it for months to come
& is already looking forward to going back next year!

If you're raising a VFL (Vol For Life)
or have a little guy who just loves football,
this camp experience comes highly recommended from us!

Go Big Orange!!!