Dressing Mama...Summer in Lilly

I have always loved Lilly Pulitzer...

it is timeless style
and nothing says SUMMER to me
quite like her happy, bright colors!

If I had my way,
our entire house would look like this:

(yes, definitely) ;)

I love Lilly all year, but I'm nearly love sick over her things in the summer.

Thank goodness it is SO EXPENSIVE,
otherwise I would go crazy!

I've splurged on ONE Lilly dress in my lifetime...
(still one of my most favorite pieces in my closet)

everything else I have has been purchased
(often) second hand,
on ebay.

Y'all know me better than that! ;)

This year, I wore an eBay find to our fund raiser...
I snagged it NEW WITH TAGS (($268, it said...cough)),
I got it for $80 & free shipping.
(oh, how I love eBay)

It has pockets, did I mention that!?!
I die!

Anyway, this summer I've snagged a couple of really cute
Lilly Pulitzer summer tops on eBay (cheaply, of course) &
I've just had the best time hunting over there for things in my size.
Her pieces are happy & make me feel pretty
& those are the best kind,
don't you think? ;)

While I was looking for something else entirely
(I'm sure I've never said that before),
I happened upon a gold mine of CUTE
Lilly inspired goodness on Etsy!

Some of these things were just so darling,
(and dog-gone affordable)
I wanted to share them with you guys.
(and sharing here is much cheaper, I'm sure P Daddy will approve).

I am crazy about this:

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Market Tote, $15.99...

so sassy!!!



A Jellies Be Jammin Steering Wheel Cover...
my kids would be horrified!
I totally want one!!! ;)
So cute & just $23.95:

Now, I love the title on this listing...
raw honesty! ;)

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired She's A Firecracker Fake Hand Painted Jack Rogers Sandals

 These are $53, gorgeous detail!

Lilly inspired racer back tank, $28
(looks so amazingly soft, I want to wear one right now)

Lilly inspired PJ Shorts, $18.50
(I may or may not have ordered myself a pair...don't tell on me)

Sass, oh sass!
I wish wasn't an old lady,
I would wear a bow bracelet every day!

This cutie is just $17:

Lilly print Monogrammed Charger Decals,
two for $11.
These are darling!!

I NEED one (or three) of these!!! 
Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Monogramed Camelbak Water Bottle, $18

Lilly Inspired Iphone Case, $12.95 

These are SO pretty & would make a great gift!


 Monogrammed with Lilly fabric...FISHING SHIRT!

Awesome way to spiff up your fishing trip or pool day, $50!


Or a Lilly print front license plate, $15.99...
these are so pretty!

I am seriously thinking about ordering one of these...
Comfort Colors Pocket Tee with Circle Monogram, $26.
These are the cutest & that brand is AWESOME quality!

Or a TANK TOP, $23...
decisions, decisions... ;)

I had better stop there...
I would love to have them all! ;)

Have you seen any cute ones,
please share!!

I've got to go read with Sneaky E,
the rat is all about some Berenstain Bears lately...
gotta love it! :)

Wishing you all the most wonderful Monday evening &
a very fabulous week!