Little Pine Secretary in Duck Egg Blue

I've been a paiting fool these past few weeks!

Here's one I just finished &
wanted to share real quick.

The little pine secretary...
bless her...
the only thing missing was some stenciled country cows.

We had a few pieces similar to this one
when I was growing up in the 80's...
think mauve, blue country cow wallpaper & border.

This really is a nice, functional piece of furniture.
She just needed to be updated.

So, I got after her with some Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue...


And finished her off with some Annie Sloan Dark Wax...
(wipe on, wipe off....repeat)

and she is one sassy girl,
ready to head home!

Even I was suprised at how nice it turned out
(I was also surpised to learn that I apparently am allergic to RAW PINE WOOD, wahhh).

Remember that outdoor chalk board I whipped up for the kids?
It has been the perfect spot for Olivia & Evan to swap messages with the neighbor boys & play tic-tac-toe! I love to tell Mr Dyslexia that he is not allowed to TELL me, he has to go write me a message on the board. Gotta keep him sharp somehow. ;)

My nephews are on their way over to swim...

I can't wait till this cubby arm gets here so I can put 45 kisses on it!
I love that rat!

Hope you are having a lovely day,
stop by again soon...
there are more painting adventures 
& fool nonsense to be shared!  :)