My Sister, Chalk Paint Rock Star!

Last month, my sissy came to town for a few days.
Her boys are PRIME little fish age,
2 & 4...
they tore the pool up!

This ended up being a blessing,
because all that swimming induced some serious nap time! ;)

My mother had been cleaning out some things out of the shed &
this little chest of drawers needed to go.

Kim saw it as a diamond in the rough
& decided to take on her first chalk paint adventure!

She was really pitiful.
(the chest, not Kim) ha!

She was originally a lovely redwood stain,
but "someone" disrespected her with cheap paint,
paper flowers & mod podge
about 15 years ago.
(cough...someone, might have been me...I'll never tell)

SANDING to the rescue!!

Kim got after it!

Now remember:
When you're using the chalk paint,
if you want to have your finished look go
all the way down to the original wood,
then you must first take it there with a sander
BEFORE you paint.

She decided to use Paris Grey on this piece
& I picked up a lovely wood stain for the top.

It turned out so pretty,
I just had to share &
brag on her hard work! ;)

And now it's right at home
with some new knobs...
in a busy little spot in her house.
Functional & interesting...
those are the best kind. :)

Way to go, Kim!

Have you been working on any painting projects?
I would REALLY love to see them!
Please share a link or
EMAIL some pictures directly to me
(I would love to share them on the blog).

I'm hopping up!
We are off to the boro for tutoring...
bless, sweet Sneaky E...
no rest for him this summer!

I'll be back to tell you about another paint project that I just completed (& how I seriously think I am allergic to raw pine wood...good gracious). I'll also be sharing some nibbles from the much needed Griswold family beach vacation. ;)

Happy Monday!!