On My Nightstand...Eugenia Price

I've been a reading fool the past few months!

Here's what's on my nightstand right now...

Eugenia Price, Savannah

I've had this book forever,
I picked it up at Goodwill for $1.50.

Goodreads sums it up as:

Few writers have earned a place in readers' hearts as dear as Eugenia Price. Her novels entice us into a vanished world, peopled by characters who immediacy makes their joy, sorrow, heartbreak, and soaring love something we can share and savor. Eugenia Price chose Savannah, Georgia as one of the most fascinating cities of the South, as the setting of a quartet of novels that follow the fortunes of the city and families that gave it life.

Orphaned Mark Browning was only twenty when he renounced his father's fortune and sailed to Savannah, his mother's birthplace...and the home of two remarkable women. The first is Eliza McQueen Mackay, his mentor's beautiful wife, whom Mark loves with a deep, pure love that can never be spoken. The other is lovely young Caroline Cameron, whose life is blighted by a secret that has tormented her grandparents for half a century--a secret that affects Mark more closely than he imagines. Desiring one woman, loved by another Mark must confront the ghosts of a previous generation, and face the evil smoldering hate, before he can truly call Savannah his home.

Unfortunately for me,
this book is the beginning of a QUARTET series...
I've already uploaded the second book on my Nook!

I hope the next three are as good as this first one has been!

What are you reading right now?

We are headed to the gym for a good old fashioned butt kicking.
I've been taking a class this month called "Body By Will".
It's a one hour boot camp type class
that I can assure you I swore I would never be interested in doing!

I have no idea what possessed me...
I may do it every time he offers it now,
just plain MISERABLE...
but I am really feeling awesome & STRONGER!
I love/hate it! ;)

Wishing y'all a fab Tuesday!
I'll be back to share my latest two painting jobs...
whew, they were monsters!!