Summer Adventures...Phoenix Ball


Hello, friends!!

My goodness, it's been a fun & super busy summer here!
For the past two weeks my older kids have had NO SPORTS COMMITMENTS,
so we did some MAJOR hauling it out of town for a vacation! LOL

Earlier this month, P Daddy & I got dressed up to support our alma mater
at the Cumberland University Phoenix Ball.

Since I hardly ever get to dress up (or look this good) &
just couldn't pass up a chance to share. Ha!!

We were honored to sponsor the cocktail hour before dinner this year...

and P Daddy was over the moon that we were seated with THE MAN OF THE HOUR,
his beloved mentor and friend, Coach Woody Hunt.

After dinner, we got out & hung with the crazies!
We sure had fun with these sweet friends! :)

Even though this event falls smack in the middle of
the BUSIEST time for our family,
we look forward to it every year!

I'm up early this morning
(despite the fact that we were up late last night for 4th of July fest).
Getting old drives me crazy,
no matter what time I go to bed...
I'm wide awake at 6:30 EVERY morning!

I'm sneaking down to paint before everyone gets up.
I am working on several custom jobs right now
& cannot wait to share them with you!

I'm so glad you stopped by,
I hope you guys are having a wonderful,
restful summer!

Mwah! ♥