August Nibbles...

I just realized that it's August 24th...
Labor Day weekend is upon us!
Summer is OVER!!!

Let's get caught up, shall we?
Here are a few nibbles from the P House this month...


I've taken on a commissioned job to paint a cutie kitchen...
I don't normally do cabinets, but this is a small job & how on earth could I walk away from an opportunity to paint kitchen cabinets in Provence blue!?!?

I swoon!!


My little chickens have gotten off to school!

10th grade, 7th grade & 2nd grade...
seriously, how did that happen!?!

(& yes, I sobbed like a baby watching Big O DRIVE OFF to school for the first time...stab mama in the heart a dozen times, why don't ya!)


The Sneaky E Dyslexia Adventure has taken a turn...
but it deserves its own post.

Good things are happening in that department!


So, I might have mentioned...
Our kids are attending PUBLIC SCHOOL this year.
(We have exceptional public schools & teachers here, we are very fortunate.)

Yes, we thought private school has just gotten too expensive.
(newsflash, college is coming at
No, none of our kids were kicked out of private school. (really now, people)
Yes, it was mostly our kid's decision to make this change ((& they are in there gettin' after it))!

& No, we do not regret our decision.

(cough, cough) ;)

Moving on...


I per-ordered this book...
I comes out in October!

I absolutely loved Rhett Butler's People, I have not a doubt that this one will be just as good!
(did I mention that Mammy is my hero???)
((I can't wait to read it))


Big O played in his first real VARSITY football game Friday night...
My nerves were so tore up, I didn't eat a bite all day long!!!

This boy...
Oh, how I love him!!


Speaking of football...
I am about to DIE for real football season to begin!!

We stay so busy through the week,
nothing makes me happier than Saturday
snuggling with my people,
in the recliner,
watching college football!!!


The Ice Bucket Challenge...

I am all about helping people & donating to charity...
I've been known to donate clothing to school children & slip cash into the pockets!
I am all about helping others! 

I, in no way mean to be disrespectful to anyone who has done this challenge, I think it's amazing how much money has been raised for this cause!

However, I'm going nicely say that I would like to challenge Americans:
to do a dance,
jump in the pool with clothes on,
kiss a monkey,
or something...

Just please stop wasting water. 
((I know, every party has a pooper...))

I noticed someone on Facebook this weekend saying they were going to CALL OUT the people who had ignored their challenge.

Things to consider:
Not everyone has money to donate.
Shaming someone publicly is (bullying) not cool.
The end.


I got football on the brain right now...
did I mention that? ;)


Can I just share how darling my daddy was this past Friday night?

Headed out to cheer for his grandson, who is a third generation Blue Devil.
Daddy has on a polo that has been hiding in the back of his closet for 20 years!

P Daddy & I teased him about the embroidery on the breast...
shirt so old, it might been done by hand!! LOL

Ah, good times ahead for our family...
love me some Blue Devil Pride!

I guess I'd better go help Miss O.
We (& when I say we, I mean ME)
painted her bedroom,
ripped out her closet,
painted that,
put in a new closet system...

NOW we are getting ready for the floor guys
to come in the morning & put down some hardwood.

You can imagine the dread.
OMGosh, it's a mess up there!!
(hold me!!!)

Wishing y'all a blessed, beautiful Sunday!
I'll be back to share a couple of finished paint jobs tomorrow.