Just Like That...

I am in the car.
The story of my life lately. 
School has started, people!
& I bet I'm not the only mama living in her car. 

It's been pretty busy around here lately. Aside from getting my kids back in school & painting like an absolute fool...I've gotten my behind back to the gym!

(Warning: personal, fool rambling ahead)

Last month I woke up & decided that I was sick of being miserable, flabby & funky...

In all honesty, I think I've been a little depressed. Between the death of my dear friend Sharare, homeschool & driving the dyslexia school bus to Murfreesboro, P Daddy being super busy with the office AND working on a dental certification in implants (& as blessed as I am that he trusts me to be in charge of our home & children while he accomplishes this goal...it is draining & exhausting for P Mama)...life has just seemed to jump off the tracks these past few months...((like off the tracks & over a small cliff))!

I've wanted to try this (what appeared to be miserable & impossible) class at the gym for a few years now...but I've been TOO SCARED!! 

One morning after falling asleep praying...I woke up & realized I needed some extreme change to get my train moving again. ((Thus leading me to say "hey, I might die...but, I'm doing that awful class...ha!))

((Just for fun...))
I decided to document,

And after
60 minutes of
Body By Will...

Lifting two 20 pound weights (cough, barely), planks, sprints, more planks, more weights, lunges, more sprints, bear crawls (hiss, spit) & a few other horrible things I've already blocked out of my mind...

I'm still alive! ☺️

Mostly because for the past two months, Will has taught me that in order to get stronger I've got to compete with me..."be the best you that you can be", he said.  

I may always be the weakest link in that class (don't make me tell you about the day we had to carry a partner up a hill on our backs & nobody wanted to be my partner). ;)

I'll probably always get smoked by women ten plus years older than me...
and that's ok (because they're my heroes). ☺️

The point is, I drug my wussy butt up there & I tried to be the best Mandy I can be. 

I did hard stuff & I didn't die! 

I know that I can face that (other) hard stuff now too! 

If you're local & you want to give it a try, come on up there! We will get after it & I'll cheer you on...be the best you that you can be! 

"Just like that", as Will always says! ❤️


I am finishing this blog entry while the volleyball team warms up...I'm merely minutes away from jumping back in the car to take E to football. 

I will be back, I've got a dozen new paint projects to show you!!

Wishing y'all the most lovely Thursday!


Mandy ☺️

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