Operation Lunchbox...Uncrustables Frozen Sandwiches

We are closing in on the end of 
the fourth week of school here!
I can hardly believe it!

My children have taken their lunch
to school EVERY day too!
I can hardly believe that either!!

I've been hot & heavy keeping my pantry lunchbox stocked!
(secret pantry that is, the little rats never think to look in kitchen closet under the stairs)
((wicked laugh....bahaha)) ;)

At the grocery E has begged me to buy these nasty
Smucker's Uncrustable Sandwiches in the freezer section.

I'm sorry, people...
These are just not good for you,
sooooo much sugar &
added junk.

I hunted around & found a way to make my own on Pinterest 
(of course).
But I forgot to pin the source!!
(of course)

I made a few of these & put them in the freezer
(because my life revolves around food I can freeze, it's genetic).

By lunch time they are thawed perfectly...
but still cool, not soggy.

That night the peeps were quick to let me know how they were...

Big O said those ham sandwiches were the best he'd ever had!

Miss O said that was the yummiest pb&j EVER!!

Sneaky E said "don't ever put those in my lunchbox again"

Two outta three...

So, I thought I would quickly share 
the making of 
lunch box uncrustable sandwhiches 
right here in P Mama's Kitchen.

Here are the things we used this week...

Nature's Own Whole Wheat Bread
Boar's Head Ham (my kids like it shaved, falling apart)
Sliced American Cheese
All Fruit brand, Strawberry Jelly
Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter (see, I don't hate Smucker's) 
& sharpie for labeling 
foil for freezing

I started off laying out my sandwich bottoms and measuring with my Pampered Chef cutter gently pressing down to leave a circle imprint (because sometimes my kids help me & this keeps food from being cut off & wasted).

Then, I added my sandwich ingredients to each circle spot
(seriously, nothing fancy).

I just used a half a piece of cheese for each one, 
that's plenty since the circle is smaller than a normal sandwich.

Then I put the sandwich tops on & pressed my cutter down to seal the edges.

Sometimes they are beautiful & seal all the way around,
sometimes they just look ugly & don't.
(you get what you get & you don't throw a fit)

Sometimes I keep the crusts to use later to make croutons.

(yeah, right)
((I do aspire though))

Most of the time I toss them to the birds &
maybe share one or two with my vicious attack dogs.

I wrapped each one in foil, 
labeled them with a sharpie...
maybe drew a heart on there too...
gotta let them know mama loves. :)

Then, packed them in my freezer door,
ready for a lovely week at school!
The picture above is Big O's sandwhich pile for the week...
that kid is eating me out of the house!!!

I don't always cut off Big O's crusts, but how can I not!?! Nothing says "Mama's Boy" quite like my giant, tenth grade son nibbling on a crustless fancy lil sammich in the high school cafeteria. ;)

In the morning, I grab these out of the door when I pack lunches.
I make Sneaky E one FRESH, of course...
that rotten little monster! 

Oh, speaking of school...
my little nephews got off to pre-school this week.
I die!
They are so cute, 
I just want to put kisses all over their little faces!!

And, a friend of mine shared this picture from her daughter's homework
that I could not help but share....
I laughed out loud (to be honest)!!

Too funny!

Well, I've got to get these little darlings ready for bed. 
Friday is coming for us,
softball try outs...


Wishing y'all dreams of high school football, college football & pro...
it's finally Football Time in Tennessee!!!