Big O...Big Weekend...

A brief proud mama rant ahead...

I try really hard to keep my mouth shut 
around the house about Big O lately.

I'm really, really proud of him these days & 
where my adorable middle child loves her brother to the moon & back...
she's been showing signs of being bitten by the green eyed monster.


Since I'm pretty sure she does not read my blog 
& I'm chomping at the bit to brag on this boy...
I thought I'd get over here & 
share some Big O love with my blogging pals. ;)

First of all, 
he's just adorable...
in a wonderful, novelty, Clifford the Big Red dog kinda way.

The poor darling reminds me of a Great Dane...
completely enormous on the outside,
but is really like a chihuahua on the inside.

Sneaky E LOVES his Big O!

He seems large to me,
I can't imagine how big he must seem to Evan!

I must brag on this giant child.

He brought home his progress report from school...
All A's & B's...
Honors English, Honors Spanish2, Honors Geomety & Chemistry are all on his plate. 
Happiness makes you work harder, I guess.

He is loving football,
even though their team is young & they are struggling this season...
they're all heart & they make me so proud!

(Big O is in the white jersey)
((this is one of approximately 20 tackles he made in last night's game))

Last night we drove 90 minutes to watch him play ball.
Then 90 minutes home...
We all got in the bed after midnight...

Thought we would all die having to get up at 6:30 for Sherry's Run...
this mama is just too old for that staying out late mess,
I felt like a train had run me over & decided to just walk the 5K with my littles.
(& I use the term littles loosely here since clearly there is only one of them left now)

I didn't even wake Big O up when I left because 
I knew he would be worn out from that ballgame...

I could not believe my eyes when I saw THIS

He RAN the 5K in 24:10 this morning & made it look like a breezy stroll..
this boy's work ethic never stops impressing me!

I must say, it sure is good to see someone young & 
healthy taking full advantage of God's wonderful gifts!

I do love this darling, giant man child...
these days I feel so, so blessed to be a part of his life. 

A mama just had to brag for a minute. ;)

Love you, Big O!!

Wishing y'all the most divine September weekend!