Epic!...the AWESOME Kids Book App

Today I am going to grab you at hello...
because I'm here to tell you about an app that I love &
THIS APP IS FREE to teachers
& school librarians!!!

I am always looking for new ways to get Evan excited about reading.
Oh, how I love to read!!!
His dyslexia is so severe, 
reading is tortue to him.
Bless his heart, he LABORS...

This year in 2nd grade,
Accelerated Reader is a BIG part of his classroom routine.

I personally can imagine his dread.
It reminds me of a sleepover where everyone
wants to play that game where you sit in a circle &
whisper something to the person next to you,
then see if the story is the same by the time the last person hears it.

Oh, my goodness...
I HATED that game!
It is completely impossible & horribly embarrasing 
to play if you cannot hear!

I imagine there is no glory in Accelerated Reader 
if you cannot read well either.

I ran up on this app called Epic!
It was described as being 
"the netflix of children's books"...
an "all you can read ebook buffet"...
I just HAD to check it out!

Did I happen to mention that
this app is FREE for teachers &
school librarians!!!!
(I want to shout that from a rooftop!!!)

It is free the first month for parents, 
but costs $4.99 a month every month after...
cancel your subscription at any time.

The first few times,
Evan was eh...
but last night he ran up on some book titles that interested him.
We read THREE when we were just planning to 
read a quick one.

The app is divided into age categories,
so he can find books on his reading level easily.
Or we can read a chapter book together.

He was tickled to death to find that the app will 
reward you with points for pages read,
open "badges" for trying a new story type.
Every reader has their own profile page,
that is seen only by the reader (it is not a social network site).

After reading last night,
Mr Book Nerd took some time to personalize his...
and add some books to his favorites list for later.
(His obsession with Koalas....crack me up)

it's a pretty cool app!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that E continues to love it!

If you have a big reader at your house
or want to try & turn your little darling into one...

OR you are a teacher or a school librarian & 
can get it FOR FREE!!!!!

I highly recommend you check this one out! ;)

I hope your evening is as gorgeous as it is here in middle Tennesse!

Thanks for stopping by to visit!