Glazing Pumpkins...Fall Decorating (part 1)

Ah, fall!

We had some seriously fabulous 
Fall weather last week,
we're talking "rock the shorts & a sweatshirt" weather!
My fave!!!

All week long I daydreamed about the weekend &
making the FIRST pot of chili of the season!!!!!

My daydream came to a screeching hault on Thursday night
when I noticed that the high for Saturday was 87...


The littles & I got out this morning on a mission...

& some fall cabbage

First stop, to viist our friends at Mitchell Farms...

Oh, heavenly goodness!

We made off with a car load of beautiful white & bright orange pumpkins!

Then we hit our local farmer's market for a few more goodies, 
fresh peaches & some tomatoes. 
I could seriously go crazy at the farmers market, 
all that fresh goodness...yum!!!

Then we popped in Home Depot for some glaze, glitter &....
I forget what else.
Evan & Olivia started scrapping as soon as we pulled in the parking lot.
I completley forgot why we were even there!

I made it home with some glaze & glitter spray...

I will get back after whatever fall decorating 
nibbles that I had in my head sometime this week 
((while those rats are at school)).
Oh, my goodness...
they drive me crazy the way they fight!

Well, it's early in the decorating season
so I decided to give these live pumpkins a good coating
of glaze sealer to (hopefully) keep them from rotting too quick.

We shall see...

This post is fall decorating, part 1.
I'll be back to share my porches as soon as I get them done.
((& they need some TLC seriously!))

In other news...
I just sent this sweet little baby high chair home...

I adore little baby high chair's owner...
I do not adore spindles.
The end. ;)

Annie Sloan Provence, Glaze & a nice coat of Shellac...
This one is ready for any baby food mess now!

(& yes that is paint on my concrete...compliments of one of our darling children)

Next on my painting schedule...

Shew, gotta get out my stepping stool for this one!
It is going to be gorgeous!!


Sneaky E is clean & in his jammies,
all ready to snuggle with his mama.
I'm going to go watch a movie with my lil man.

(I found this fruity picture of me the other day,
I have to toss it in here...) ;)

I'll be back to share the cutest
first birthday party theme that I have ever seen!

Wishing y'all the most lovely fall weekend!