600! I said 600!!!!

A couple of days ago I was checking on my blog stats &
I realized that I just recently composed my
600th blog entry 
for Crafty Southern Mama!!!

(insert fake trumpet noises)
(& fake stadium fan sounds)

I immediately thought,
I need to do something special on my blog...

and then...
a squirrel...

brilliant thought,
gone. ;)

I've been working on a couple of other blog entries this week &
finally had a minute to sit down at the computer & crank them out...

when I noticed that my
Crafty Southern Mama Facebook page
now has 600 likes!!!

(insert more fake trumpet noises)
(& more fake stadium fan sounds)
It is DEFINITELY time for something special!!

In honor of the big 600 on the blog AND on Facebook,
I am giving away a $50 gift card to my most beloved,
most favorite shopping haunt...

TJ Maxx/Homegoods!!!

((last time, I promise))

(insert a few more fake trumpet noises)
(& just few more fake stadium fan sounds)
To enter to win this delightful treat,
please leave a comment right here on this post.

I shall not require that you like Crafty Southern Mama on Facebook,
but I would be tickled if you did.

Leave a comment & you're entered,
just like that.

The winner of the $50 TJ Maxx/Homegoods Gift Card
will be announced on Saturday morning
(before noon)
right here on the blog.

Thank you sweet blogging friends for sharing this fun adventure with me.
I have met some wonderful people through this blog,
I consider each of you a treasure. ♥

Wishing y'all the most wonderful of Wednesdays!