Dressing Mama...Handbags I Have Loved

Good Morning, friends!

It's fall break at my house...
and for the first fall break in nine years,
we are not at the beach.

Varsity Football...
you are not my friend.

My spoiled rotten children,
they are bitter.

I've been on the treadmill sweating EVERY possible chance I can.
Sweating stress keeps me sane!!

I've spent a good chunk of the break cleaning out closets &
working on filling gaps in everyone's fall/winter wardrobe.
I've finally reached the point where only one child needs a full new wardrobe every season.

Except for the irritation of finding
size 32/34 pants (cheaply) for Big O,
shopping for my bigs is fairly painless.

But who wants to shop for them,
I'd rather shop for mama! ;)

Let's talk about something fun today,
Oh, how I love!!!
Cheap ones, Big ones, Sassy ones, Coveted Expensive ones...ahhhhhh!

First of all let's identify what type of handbag gal you are...

There are two basic types of handbag gals:

You're either the type of woman who carries just the essentials:
lipgloss, phone, keys, money, ID
(notice I have listed them by priority, ha)
you're the type of woman who carries practically everything
but the kitchen sink.

I think I am a little bit of both.

I love to be out with all my stuff,
it's safe,
it's my life preserver...

But sometimes I just like to be hands free.

Yes, I want my cake &
I want to eat it too...;)

Over on the Rue La La Style Blog I noticed they have a GREAT post about bags...

Handbags 101
From their post I determined that I am definitely a HOBO bag girl AND
I have lots of love for the Pochette (crossbody) bag as well.

If you are a huge fan of designer bags,
you are going to find some steals on their site!

I drooled over their TOD's "Flower" Medium Leather Tote...

 and this divine Chopard Leather Shoulder Bag...

I am currently stalking their site...
hoping to see one of these darlings pop up:
(Merry Christmas, to Mommy)

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Menilmontant

But since I'm the cheapest person alive,
(it's true, don't act shocked) ;)
I'll share some more affordable bags that I'm drooling over right now...

Like this dotted Cedar Street Dot - Margot Kate Spade bag...
SO sassy & fun!

and leopard "Charles Street - Cayli" Kate

(& oh, how I love Kate)

This bag is definitely my favorite right now & is just $48!
Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote

This tote is seriously awesome
& looks so expensive!

Now this, people...
is the perfect bag for me
(except for the color)
The French Connection "Elite" Hobo,
I love this one!
One strap,
fits snuggly under the pit...
perfection!! ;)

and lastly,
I don't normally like anything Michael Kors, but this...
I adore!!!

Medium Sophie Calf Hair Messenger Bag

what about your guys?
Is there a special bag in your life right now? ;) 

I do love a good deal,
on a good bag!


I'm working on an introduction letter for Big O,
(I would say I am helping Big O write one, but we all know that is a fib)
the time frame for sending out intro letters to college football coaches has arrived...

I cannot say which scares me worse...
having a son old enough to seriously contact college coaches
having a son playing college football.
(probably the latter)

Either way,
that is an adventure that I will definitely keep you posted about.

Until then
(just hold me).

I'm hopping up & head out for a run.
My peeps on fall break,
my nephews are on their way for a visit...
mama got to get ready! ;)

Wishing y'all a beautiful fall Wednesday &
awesome good handbag deals!