Motivation on Monday...

In the past,
I have jumped up on Monday to share some motivation on my blog.
I miss doing that & have decided to start that theme back up.
Everyone needs a little love & motivation,
especially on Monday!

Monday is my "domestic day" at home.
I drop my kids off at school,
I go run,
then I scoot home & get after it!

changing beds,
food prepping,

you know, the fun stuff. ;)

I do love productive Mondays!

Here's a little motivation for us this week:

Take a deep breath and
read this one to yourself...

I love that one so much,
I think I'll put it on our family chalkboard.
Seeing those words: compassion, kindness, gentleness...
patience...they make me feel calm & happy. :)

I'm sure I've shared this one in the past,
but it is one that I really love.

I was reading it to Evan this morning &
he made a face, saying "wear perfume, nasty!"

When you're a rat,
you are a rat...;)

Wishing y'all the most LOVELY, smiling, charming, perfume wearing Monday!
I've got to get back to work!