Olivia's Teen Girl Bedroom (part uno)...

Good morning!!

I'm working at the house this morning...
going to do my Body By Will class this evening 
because MISS O says she wants to try it with me!

She shocked me speechless!
Nothing would make me happier!!!

Since she's on my mind,
I thought I would pop in here & tell you guys
about some changes going on in her little world upstairs...

& of course, 
spending time with my blogging friends is 
than what is waiting for me on the other end of this table...

boo, hiss....

Please ignore my rag tag hobo living room...
I've only had time to put the cushions back on my couch twice this morning.
Little Patti makes it her sole priority to jump up on that big cushion to bark at the birds...
knocking all the pillows off into the floor in the process.

All in a day's work for her.
It's an endless cycle...

Well, anyway...

This summer I made some updates in Olivia's bedroom.
Honestly, I've not bothered telling you guys about it
because her bedroom never even got finished from the LAST time I updated it
& maybe not even from the time before that...

I have to jump through hoops of fire just to get in there & 
change the sheets on her bed...
I have no energy left to do anything else!!!

But this summer, 
we decided to have her carpet pulled up and hardwood installed.
I took this opportunity to to PAINT her walls 
(because nothing is more exciting that not having to worry about 
making a mess on the floor when you paint...)
((it's the little things)).

& OH, did those walls need painting!! 

I think I spent more time PREPPING them than I did actually painting!!

Have you ever!!!

I had to dig deep to fight off a Joan Crawford/Mommie Dearest 
"No Duct Tape...EVER" tirade!
(please tell me you've seen that movie, it's such a classic)

After a quick inventory, I realized...
Miss O had outgrown her little desk,
her little girl looking bed,
her little cute this,
her little cute that...

not to mention the fact that she was looking DOWN at me to tell me about these things (somehow I am shrinking). It became clear that my little girl is growing up.

So, I decided to go on & start making updates for her room like we did for Big O a few years ago (see the teen boy makeover here). We've still go quite a ways to go, but I honestly LIKE to have unfinished summer projects to keep me occupied when it's too cold & nasty to be outside during the winter months. ((ok, I am really just the queen procrastinator...don't judge)).  ;)

Our inspiration came from the Pottery Barn Teen
Emily & Merritt collection.

Sassy & classy...
I really like this collection!

We debated about getting a new bed
(the one at PB Teen was just ridiculous),
then we debated about having her bed upholstered
(still more money than I wanted to spend)...
but then one morning I had a wild hair & just took the darn thing down...
made Big O haul it down to the garage for me...

then I painted like I was on fire before P Daddy could catch me...

Now...$36 later
it looks like a completely different piece of furniture!

That works for me!

Another little project I completed in there was guild her chandy
with some gold paint.

I found this one a few years ago at Lowe's, it was just plain ivory.

Now, it's got some character to it.

Miss O swears on bibles she is melting at night & needs a ceiling fan.
She is her father's daughter....
Gold chandy stays for now.

I'm going to leave you hanging right here,
my blogging time is up...
I must go dust, iron clothes & vacuum.
(hold me)

I will be back to tell you about the desk & shelving unit we ended up going with...
((Oh, SO much cheaper than PB Teen or having it built))

the wall colors...

things we spray painted gold....

And a peek at the (semi) finished room. :)

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit today!
I'm making a few changes on my blog, 
so if you see something new DO check it out! 

Happy Tuesday, dear friends!