Simple Caramel Apples...Halloween Kid Fun

I love caramel apples!!
My kids love caramel apples too!!

Almost every Halloween we make a batch of these.
They are so messy & yummy &
just really fun to make together.

Since Halloween goodness is in full swing, 
I decided it would be fun to share this with my blogging friends again.

The ((lazy)) mom that I am thought I would just share the
original post that I composed awhile back showing how we made them...

but when I went back & looked at it...

I was SHOCKED to see that the original post
In these pictures my children are so little...
so, so little!!

It really made me sad.
How on earth did six years go by so fast!??
They are so, so big now!!
Oh, so weepy!!!
How dare they do that to me!!!

Well, let's just pretend they're still that little
because these pictures are so cute they deserve another go.
Here's the cast member list for this fun kid activity:

a dozen apples 
Caramel (I used the bits, not the pre-wrapped squares)
((I have used the pre-wrapped squares, but the unwrapping...
ain't nobody got time for that...))
cake pop sticks 
candy (I used some left over m&m's
which appear to be Valentine colored,
I'm seriously good at hiding candy )
wax paper (wax paper is YOUR FRIEND today)

Before you begin your assembly,
you need to go ahead and chop your nuts, candy or
whatever else you want to dip those caramel dipped darlings into,
some people like them just plain caramel...
I'm not picky,
I would never turn my nose up to a plain one. ;)

You will want to give your apples a good bath
and let them completely dry.
This project works the VERY best when your apples are at room temperature.

This project ALSO works very best if you get yourself a
cute little helper to put the sticks in your apples.
(oh, my heart!!)

While your little helper is working,
begin melting your caramel bits in a double boiler on your stove top.

Once your apple sticks are in place and your caramel is melted, you are ready to go!

This is the part where you add MORE helpers...
the wilder they look,
they better these will turn out! ;)

You might also consider asking Grandma to come over
to help keep your wildest child away from the boiling caramel while you take pictures...

Now, time to dip!
This part is serious...
mad skills!

There may or may not be licking involved...

And lots of grinning! :)

 These are really very easy to make
& the kids love it!!

After we ate a few,
we wrapped the rest up to send to school for little teacher treats.
(don't tell them about the licking, that'll be our little secret) ha!

The very best part about this project...
spending some quality time with your little darlings
(who are going to grow up on you,
so please don't blink)!

(you're getting weepy too, aren't you)
(bless, why do they have to grow up!?!)

I'm walking out the door for that oldest baby's VARSITY FOOTBALL game 
(how dare he be that old).

Go get some apples & 
get your babies busy in the kitchen!

Wishing y'all the spookiest Pre-Halloween weekend!



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