Things Mama Loves...Shutterfly App

I'm starting a new "series" here on the blog,
it's called "Things Mama Loves".

I seem to be shouting from rooftops about things I love
ALL the time over here.
I get excited...
I can't help myself!
(I hope you love that)
(It's fun, I love it) ;)

I thought my excited rants would be easier to find if I put them in a series like the "Dressing Mama" collection. The best part is, you can find a lot of these things that I love in a tidy little box...right over there on the right hand side of my blog (the blue amazon box) in case you want to buy one for yourself or as a gift (I'm helpful like that).

Today I am up on the roof hollering about one of my LONGTIME faves...

I have been a (delighted) Shutterfly customer for many years!
I've ordered prints,
I've ordered photo gifts,
I've ordered Christmas cards,
I've ordered photo books,
I've also ordered a few awesome canvas prints too!
(like this lovely 16x20 of my three biscuits)

Always excellent...
products &
most happily, always at an excellent price!

I've been kinda sad lately though...
I just don't use my camera as much as I used to.
I don't have pictures printed like I used to...

Like many, many, oh so many busy mamas out there...
all my pictures seem to be on my iPhone!!!

Well, Shutterfly (those smart cookies) 
can help you with that!

(insert fake trumpet sound)

Say hello to Shutterfly for iphone & ipad!!!!!

Same excellent service!

Same excellent products...

and best of all...
same excellent prices!!

It almost seems too easy...
The solution to my sniffling,
sad little picture less existence!!!

I think the very best part is that you can add pictures to your cart 
anytime, anywhere...
eternally waiting in car rider line just became PRODUCTIVE time!

I did notice that Shutterfly has FIVE different apps...
(Tiny Prints is the 5th, not shown in the pic)

I'm excited about checking all of them out,
I'm sure they are all simple & fabulous just like the basic Shutterfly app is!

So there it is...
the first installment of Things Mama Loves!

Do you have 4,000 pictures of your beloved, 
spoiled rotten children on your phone like I do?

upload the FREE Shutterfly app.

Let them make those memories more permanent
(because a life without boxes of treasured old photos is just plain wrong, folks!) ;)
You will be so glad that you did. 

Happiest Wednesday to you, dear friends!