A Special Announcement...I am an Old Lady

I am ready now.
I admit it.
I need these (@#$%*!) glasses.

I wanted to issue a special announcement to let you all know that there would be henceforth fewer grammatically errors & misspellings on the Crafty Southern Mama blog because the Crazy Crafty Southern Mama CAN NOW SEE what she is doing when she works.

That is all.

Wishing y'all the warmest first day of November...
I'm headed back to the recliner to watch some football.



ps. Due to the abundance of Elsa costumes, last night was a completely FROZEN Halloween.
We nearly froze to death at the football game, I can't remember EVER being that cold at a game before!!

pss. I started off No Excuses November by eating two (ok, five) pieces of E's Halloween candy...(cone of shame). Can't we just start November on MONDAY!?!?

psss...I am now accepting advertising sponsors on my blog. I did this in the past and it was a lot of fun to work with people promoting their businesses. I'm tickled to do it again!
Click here for more info.

pssssss....I'm going back to the recliner now. ;)