Dressing Mama...Holiday Spiffy

The holidays are coming up fast...
are you ready!?!

It's a wonderful, busy time
& I know us Mamas want to look our best
(because those sneaky familyrazzi members will jump out with a camera when we least expect it).

((and nobody wants ugly, hideous photos haunting us for years to come, tisk))

Let's talk about getting holiday spiffy...

((even though we wish we were dressing in our yoga pants & a sweatshirt)).

I've been looking though my closet trying to put together some holiday spiffy outfits. I do better if I group a few things that way they're staring at me when I get in the closet later, stressing out about WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO WEAR?!!

(on a slight sidebar)

I talked about booties last week, paired with skinny jeans. I didn't love the booties I ordered, so I went hunting again & found these...

TOMS wedge booties...on sale!!!
25% OFF select TOMs styles for Women, Men and Kids at Nordstrom! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

These have a little bit higher heel than what I originally wanted,
but they are so awesome & surprisingly comfortable...
I'm going to wear them anyway!

Anyway, back to outfits...
I've been grouping some things in my closet,
that's one simple way to keep yourself sane after you've baked, shopped, & wrapped yourself into stupidity come December 24th at 4:30pm when your family is photo ready & you just got out of the shower. (yes, every year)

Some people get dressed up really fancy & I do love that,
but in reality my family is a pretty casual crowd
(no complaints, I can assure you)...
so it's fairly easy to be holiday spiffy
(when the bar is low, ahem). ;)

I admit it, I love preppy!
Nothing makes me feel prettier than a little preppy outfit...
some plaid, some pearls...

I don't even try to be "sexy",
me trying to dress "sexy" is just awkward...
it doesn't work for me at all!

Wear what makes you feel pretty,
if you feel pretty,
you feel confident &
I think confidence is so much more sexy than (well) being awkward. ;)

Of course, I went straight to Pinterest for inspiration!
I love how these outfits are really just basic everyday wear,
but they're finished with a scarf or a necklace to give them some Christmas fluff.
You probably have everything in your closet already to pull these looks off!

I started looking & found some really darling holiday spiffy pieces that I love...

I LOVE this tartan plaid scarf, just $24!
When dressing for the holidays, you can never go wrong with a tartan...
(click on the picture for more info)

Y'all know I LOVE Kut from the Kloth jeans,
these charcoal corduroy skinny jeans are fabulous!!
(click on the picture to find your size)

& then there's this rad RED Michael Kors quilted vest...

I am such a fool for vests lately,
like Michael J Fox in Back to the Future... ;)

Pull the whole thing together with this awesome belt!
So sassy!!
I am loving a leopard print with tartan plaid...
mix & match the pieces,
toss in some pearls...
you've got a fun little outfit going right there! 
(Click on the picture & snag one for yourself)


Don't forget that being holiday spiffy includes your beautiful mama face.
(& that reminds me, I am out of my favorite lipstick....it's always something)

I noticed that it's Bonus Time at Clinique Nordstorm.
Don't miss Clinique Bonus time, an $85 value, now at Nordstrom! FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

I have used Clinique brand pretty much my entire life,
from their make-up to face cleaning.
I can't wear their moisturizer, though...
it's too greasy for daily wear for me.

My favorite is the CHUBBY stick...
my tiny friend, Carrie turned me on to these.
Goes on like a chapstick & lasts for hours...love!!

I also really like their high impact extreme mascara...

and from a previous bonus time, I discovered that their nail polish is the bomb!
I was so surprised!

Ah...shopping for mama...
the ultimate guilty pleasure! Ha!

Meanwhile, back in reality...
Thanksgiving is next week...
I am so excited about seeing family &
I love eating! ;)

Evan & I are making some of these this weekend to take to school for his class.

They are seriously cute &
SO easy!
Here's a link to the original post & printable.

I know you're itching to go group some holiday spiffy in your closet,
so I'll leave you with this...
(you can tell I am a professional at selfies, I think that makes 5 total for me)

I haven't even told my mother yet,
how ridiculous are you if you're over 40 &
still get nervous about telling your mama something!!
I want to see if she notices...
my hair...
it's a little bit longer all the sudden.

I'll be back to chat about that adventure soon.

MAMA'S FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY is being postponed until next week, a couple of things I wanted to share have not arrived in the mail yet.

But I do have two fun things to tell you about tomorrow.
Grab a coffee, come back & visit.

So glad you stopped by today.
Wishing y'all a wonderful evening!