Dressing Mama...in Booties

Fall is already flying by,
winter is upon us...
flip flops & ballet flats are on the bottom shelf in my closet...

I have Bootie Fever!

((I'll wait here for that middle school humor to wear off...))


I mean Ankle Boot Fever...
that's better. ;)

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I have a deal with myself.
Every time I (survive) another round of Body By Will at the gym. I treat myself to one new piece of (slightly smaller) clothing. This (being round 4) I bought some new jeans at one of my favorite local shops, Dreams Boutique on the Lebanon Square.

Not just "jeans", they're skinny jeans!!

I had NO PLANS to buy skinny jeans, I went in there because they recently started selling Frye boots (I die for Frye, you know)...the next thing I know those sassy sales girls have me trying on jeans in sizes that I had not considered my big hiney squeezing into...

Long story short,
I am now a new owner of some pretty snazzy
Henry & Belle Super Skinny Ankle Pitch Skinny Jeans!
They're pretty rad!

that brings us back to Bootie Fever...

I've got booties on my mind,
because these jeans look SO GOOD with short bootie boots!

I got right on Pinterest and found some pictures of really cute, wearable, everyday looks with short ankle boots & skinny jeans...here are a few that I really love!

You can find all these and lots more on my Dressing Mama Board on Pinterest. :)

But wait now...
before I go any further,
you must understand that there are RULES about wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans...
PLEASE make sure you are aware. ;)

(remember, no mama left behind) ♥

Pin source here.

Pin source here.

You got it?
You ready?

I've been looking online the past few days for the perfect little, lower heel, "go with everything, jump in & run out the door" pair for me.

I have two older pairs of ankle boots already,
but the heels are pretty high.
They are great for going out with P Daddy,
but this mama just doesn't scoot around town in heels very much.
Ok, never...

Yesterday, I found myself at the Belk looking for Miss O some khaki pants. She has been wearing the same pair over & over and finally yesterday morning I asked her WHY she was wearing those same pants again....apparently that's the only pair that fits her now that she's slimmed up & gotten taller...
Sigh...mama slack.

Anyway, I saw these boots at the Belk yesterday, but they only had them in brown.

I've got brown shoes for days...blah.
I really liked the look of the light gray & the camel suede, but I'm sure one of my wonderful children would immediately stomp on my foot (probably minutes after I had tripped & scuffed up the toe, OMGoodness, I am so awkward).

I found the color I wanted at Nordstorm this morning (my fave place to shop for shoes online) (besides Zappos) (oh, how I love Zappos)...

this is the pair I ordered:

Lucky Brand, Bartalino Booties in Pewter

I don't know,
we'll see...
maybe I can pull them off.
If I don't love, I will swap for the brown...
the inevitable...safe...brown. ;)

I'll let you guys know how they work out.

What looks are you loving this fall?
Do you have a Pinterest board for your fashion finds?
I would love to see,
please share a link in the comments...
or hop over & visit Crafty Southern Mama on Facebook.

I've got to get showered &
go kick Wednesday's butt! ;)

Y'all have an awesome day!