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Today I'm revisiting a couple of old blog entries to show you how to get creative with those wonderful Christmas cards that you are going to find when you go peeking in your mailbox next month.

Christmas cards are seriously one of my FAVORITE things about the holidays, I LOVE to get cards, I LOVE to see pictures of our little friends and see how much they have grown! 

First let me tell you about the Christmas Card Tree.

I made one of these about three years ago.
(way back before our foyer remodel) 

This photo below shows how it has evolved...
I've slapped a little color on it...
added a little moss & garnish
(& have a much brighter front door).

This is early in the season...
displaying the early bird cards (beloved). ;)

I now have that baby on a lazy susan, turning & admiring from every angle...

Last year, I found these super cute clothes pin clips in the $1 bin (somewhere, maybe Target?).

I just pulled off the twine
(& probably used that for something else, I adore twine...).
And those cuties clipped my cards to the branches perfectly.

((plaid + moose + beloved little friends on cards = happy mama))

Here's the original post on how to make one (it's seriously SOOOO easy).

How To Make a Christmas Card Tree

Now, after the Christmas season is over & your Christmas card tree is put away until next year. You have a stack of beloved little blessings, pictures & cards...I know you don't want to thrown them away!!

For a long time I kept cards from previous years in a Christmas tin & we would get them out and enjoy them again the next year when we (& when I say we, I mean me) decorated...

And then one year the tin would not close. Ha!

So, I got on pinterest & found this really cute idea...

Christmas Card Blessing Rings.

I wish I could find the original pin because that blogger had such a sweet post about it.
This picture above came from her blog, do any of you guys recognize?
I would love to find her blog again!

These are so very simple to put together.
Last year I had my kids make the ring with the previous year's cards
& they loved that I trusted them with those beloved cards & pictures like that!

((Despite the fact that))
Evan said he was not speaking to me today
(for making him sleep in his own room last night)
((do you promise?))
((I'm joking...))
I'm sure he will forget after school,
because I will make him some hot chocolate &
put kisses all over his dimpled cheeks...
ahem. ;)

I'm going to have him do a ring with last year's cards when he gets home.
He's got mad skills with the hole puncher...

Here's a shot of our little china cabinet,
holding some blessing rings on the knobs.
So festive! 

Here's the link to the original tutorial:

How To Make Christmas Card Blessing Rings

If you decide to make either of these, I would LOVE to see them!
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