How To...Turn Your Favorite Site into an "App" Icon

More & more I find myself away from my personal computer in the office,
using my iPad or phone to work & connect.

If you use your iPad or iPhone you probably know about Apps (& if you're like me, you have LOTS of them). 

If you use these tablet devices to read your favorite blogs or websites, you can make an "app" icon button for them yourself! 

It's really simple...
my lovely, spoiled rotten children showed me how. ;)

I thought I would share this (probably common knowlege) with all of my blogging friends. 
Us old ladies & mamas have got to stick together, you know...
no mama left behind! 

I have several collections of these website "app" buttons on my iPad, they are great & let me find my favorites quickly. They look just like a regular app button:

Here's how you make one...

First you click on the internet safari and go to your most favorite website...
you know, this one... 
(cough, cough...) ;)

Then you touch the button up in the top left hand corner, that blue box with the arrow pointing straight up.

Choose the option "Add to Home Screen"

Then it will show you what the icon (app button) will look like. 
All you have to do next is touch "Add".

And just like that, your favorite website or blog is super easy to find!
Thank goodness, I have children or I would have never figured it out! 

Thanks for stopping by to visit, I hope you have an awesome Tuesday!