On My Nightstand...Ruth's Journey, Mammy from Gone With the Wind

I finished reading this wonderful book last week.

Ruth's Journey,
The story of Mammy
from Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind
by Donald McCaig.

I enjoyed it so, so much!

I am not sure if it really was a GREAT book or if I just loved it so much because I was so engrossed in the characters. Like if you have a dream about someone that you love who as passed away...you could be wading through a pool of piranhas and not even notice it because you are clinging, CLINGING to every detail about that person you love & miss so much.

(it was not quite the same thing, but just similar)
((I'm crazy about Gone With the Wind, but not that crazy))
((ok, I am that crazy...shush))

I cannot elaborate on details without giving away or spoiling the story for you, but I will say that this book did not exactly collaborate with the sequel to Gone With the Wind, Alexandria Ripley's Scarlett. This was a tad annoying, but after reading on & considering it; the way Donald McCaig told it made so much more sense.

If you enjoyed Gone With the Wind the book, movie, the Scarlett book, etc. I think you will really enjoy this story. When you finish, go ahead & try Rhett Butler's People, also by Donald McCaig. That one is a true favorite of mine that I will probably read again one day soon.

I have a couple of new books uploaded onto my Nook...
I can't wait to get after them later this week.

What's on your nightstand this month?

I do love a good book!

I'm working on getting Sneaky E to bed,
the little rat has been awful about sleeping in our bedroom floor lately.
I'm afraid I have spoiled this one so rotten...
Olivia says he will be like Will Ferrell in the movie Stepbrothers,
still living at home & sleeping at the foot of our bed when he's 25!

That is hilarious,
except for the part where it's so not...
8 1/2 years old is way too old to not sleep in your own room.

Any advice on getting a giant mama's boy to sleep upstairs?

I'm sitting here blogging on the laptop...
and he's finally fallen asleep.

I'm making my move...
heading downstairs to start my new book.