Starting to Look a Lot Like...ahem

It's early November...
also known as "holiday limbo" at my house.

That awkward window of two weeks right after Halloween, before my house goes FULL BLOWN Christmas! 
Yes...I'm one of those people.
I love Thanksgiving & I am thankful like no other,
but I LOVE Christmas & since it takes me forever to get my decorations all put out, I start early!

Nothing makes me happier...
12:01 on the Friday after Thanksgiving....
It's Christmas at my house & all I've got left to do is ENJOY every minute of it!
(in my pjs, I might add...because I do not go shopping on Black Friday)

Crafting, baking, shopping, wrapping...
no time for dragging out boxes & decorating when you have all that fun stuff to do!
no, ma'am!

I do all Christmas decorating ahead of time, except for the tree.
That's our annual Thanksgiving weekend quest.
(usually in all the Griswold glory that we can manage too)

Saturday after Thanksgiving we go get a live tree,
Sunday after Thankgiving we have a family dinner & then decorate it.
It is one of my favorite traditions & only a doctor's note will excuse you from it! ;)

Halloween has been wrangled and consolidated in the dining room (the "holding pen" of all holidays), awaiting box up & hauling back up to the attic.

I've spent the past week moving furniture & dusting...

getting the "spot" all ready for our tree...

and getting the "spot" ready for mama to work next to the fire...

I seriously love this Paula Deen coffee table,
it's the coolest!
I use it to work 
& Evan hides his legos in the bottom.
When we're done, we just close it up & it's all "clean" again!

There it is...
the only clean room in my whole house.
Welcome to my (slacker) life! ;)

I'm hopping up...time to get out of the PJs & get this Halloween goodness packed.
It's always better to have boxes ready, you never know when strong high school football players will come walking through your back door...thankfully, it's a regular occurance at my house!

I'm also going to be painting this weekend &
I'll be back this week to give y'all an exciting update on the Sneaky E Dyslexia Adventure!

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Wishing y'all the most lovely "holiday limbo" weekend!