Christmas at Linlee's...Decorating Delights!

I have this super sweet, 
super talented 
& super adorable friend named Linlee.

She is an interior decorator and

I have a painting machine.
We trade out services...

(I will work for monograms...)
(and wallpaper...ha)
we've got a good thing going. ;)

In the past few months,
she has really helped me at the gym.
She is serious about her workouts
and has been so supportive & encouraging 
as I've tried to accomplish some personal goals.
She has shown (an old lady) so much kindness &
I'll never forget that. ♥

I am tickled today to share some of her 
with you guys!

I love to visit her beautiful home.
It is peppered with family heirlooms, warmth 
and love everywhere you look.
In addition,
Linlee has such a gift for decorating
and using COLOR!

Take a look at some of the 
holiday fun
she has put together this year...

This monster turquoise frame & I, we are intimate friends. ;)

Two words here...GRASSCLOTH. WALLPAPER! (swoon!!)
I GREATLY admire anyone with small children who dares to use a table runner...true story!

Her children are even MORE beautiful 
than her gorgeous home...

(& they are all little sweethearts too)

Don't those just make your heart happy!!

Thank you, Linlee for allowing me to share your home today.
Since you're done, you can come do mine! ;)

If you are looking for sassy monograms or
stunning decorating services,
I highly recommend you give her a holler. ;)

Come back & visit,
tomorrow it's the big  
Mama's FAVORITES Giveaway!!

Thanks for stopping by!