Christmas Nibbles...Salty & Sweet

I was working on a "Rambling" post
& was going to include some specific pictures,
but then I realized the pictures on my ipad mini...
which I wrapped up & stuck under the tree for E.
(he uses it more than me anyway, Merry Christmas ya filthy animal)
I did find a few on my phone to use,
so Christmas is saved (ha)...

December has been busy!
Christmas is fun & beautiful
and I am going to be sad to take it down & put it away!

But, December has also been germy!
The littles & I managed to share a nice,
funky 48 hour, fever-less, "I feel miserable" bug earlier this month...

and Sneaky E entertained me over the weekend
by coming down with the flu.
(the flu is BAD this year, I don't even want to leave the house)
The little trout had me worried me to death,
I hate it when he is sick!!

Last week I took a break from blogging,
P Daddy & I ran away from home for our annual Christmas shopping trip in Charleston.

We booked this trip several months ago & I was tickled to death to get cheap flight rates from Southwest AND a great rate at our favorite downtown hotel, Belmond Charleston Place.
Our room was so amazing...

It was like stepping into a magazine spread...
the entire stay was flawless,
I didn't want to go home!

The purpose of this trip was to finish our Christmas shopping.
But, us poor Tennessee folk haven't seen THE SUN but maybe TWICE the ENTIRE month of December (I am not joking,'s been gloom & doom)!

We wasted a good two hours down on The Battery...
just sitting on a bench!

Time well wasted,
in my opinion!

We did quite a bit of Christmas shopping on King Street.
It was Second Sunday on King and it was HOPPING down there!

King Street is one of my favorite places to shop & it's SO much more fun when there is no danger of being run over by busy traffic. The Second Sunday festivities always include restaurants setting up tables in the street, a few tents set up with local vendors (similar to their amazing Farmer's Market set up on Marion Square on Saturday morning), and in true Charleston fashion; lots of adorable K9 Americans on leashes...that's my favorite part!

On our flight to Charleston we checked a fairly EMPTY large suitcase & filled that big boy up with gifts to take home! It was a fun time!!

One other thing we did while we were there was...

If you know P Daddy, it's all about the food! ;)
On our first night there we ate at his favorite resturant, Hank's.

We'd been talking about their She-Crab soup all week...;)

As we were getting ready to leave, he went to the men's room and I picked up my phone to check on the littles (who were fine with Grandma), then I checked Instagram real quick and noticed that my sweet pal, Paige had posted a darling picture of her date night with the mister.

Long story short, they were having coffee A BLOCK AWAY...

Seriously, it's so weird how our paths keep crossing like that!
I do love it though,
I can't think of a sweeter person to run into!

The next night we dined at a new place,
which is my NEW most favorite place to eat in Charleston...

The Peninsula Grill!


From start,
to (the to die for coconut cake) finish...

Mama was a spoiled rotten, very full, very happy girl! :)

When we got home,
I used my last three child free days before Christmas break to

WRAP...oh, how I LOATHE

and to paint a few gifts...

and to dibble in some chalk art...

and then I wrapped some more...
(which was the smartest thing I did all week since E came down with the flu Sunday & I was on Lysol patrol for days....CAN.NOT.BE.SICK)


Well, I could ramble on & on...
but we are hosting P Daddy's extended family tonight
for Christmas &
mama has a TON of stuff to do!

I'm so glad that you stopped by to visit on this magical Christmas Eve day.

I hope that you are blessed with the spirit of Christmas
and that you and your family are safe and warm.

From our crazy family, 
to your (probably not as crazy) family ;)

Merry Christmas!