Dressing Mama...After Christmas SALES!!

Well, Christmas has come & gone...
and as if your wallet wasn't already bleeding dry...
here come those AWESOME after Christmas Sales!!!

(disclaimer: NONE OF THESE LINKS generate a commission for Crafty Southern Mama. These are links to items that I love and want to share, because sharing is nice).

Ready to go?
Come on, let's go get after it!

Anthropologie has their sale on the sale going on right now.
Use code INAFLURRY to get 25% off their sale items.

I want these red AG Stevie Cords in a bad way...
my left eye is starting to twitch...

There are several beaded headbands in their sale collection,
like this cute torti headband & leopard bobbies...
I adore their jewelry & hair accessories (especially when they're on sale)!

The LOFT is by far one of my favorite places to shop for TOPS.
Their bottoms are not my friend,
but I always find tops that cater to my "casual meets preppy" obsession.

Like this gorgeous Chambray Sweatshirt...
I die!!!
This is perfect NOW, perfect with capris in the spring/fall...
I love multi-season wear!!

And this Rad Two-In-One Sweater from the Loft...

everything is HALF PRICE right now so this cutie is $24.75.

One thing I can say about Loft Tops, especially their knits...
if you do not put them in the dryer,
they will look GORGEOUS for you wash after wash!

Also at Loft I saw this awesome belt (half price, making it $17.50).

I have been eyeballing their leopard calf hair belt for some time now...
but I like the one from JCrew's SALE section better.

The JCrew belt is WIDER (& also an additional 40% off if you use the code STYLE15...toot!!).
It was originally $79.50, now on sale for $29.99.

That's still expensive for me,
but I have an old leopard belt that needed to be replaced.
I know I will wear it with everything I have...
it was a justifiable purchase.
& P Daddy would never complain about an accessory that meant me tucking my shirt in and exposing my entire pair of pants... ;)

JCrew has all their sale items additional 40% off with LOTS of last spring/summer items available, tons of great deals!

Vineyard Vines is also running their WHALE OF A SALE...
30% off all Sale Items if you use code SALE14.

Lots of cute, preppy things to drool over there...
like their patchwork whalies ($54)

I love, LOVE their Leather Tiller Tote...
but even at $139...I'd better pass.
(but will still drool) ;)

 I really, really want this Shep Shirt...
what if I got it & put it up for someone to give me for my birthday??

It sure is cute! :)
Darn you & your preppy deliciousness, Vineyard Vines!!!!

Boden has their coats on sale right now.
I usually am too cheap for their womens clothing,
but I will never turn my nose up at one of their gorgeous coats!

My sister alerted me to their big coat sale a few years ago
(by telling me about this coat she just bought,
that which I loved so much I turned around and
bought the VERY SAME ONE for myself as soon as we hung up the phone)...

Their coats are amazing!
Even P Daddy (who couldn't care less about anything in my closet) will tell you that Boden coat of mine is the prettiest coat he's ever seen!

Let's stop a minute & die over a couple, shall we? ;)



Thank goodness I don't need a new coat. ;)
They're on sale & free shipping over $49, in case you do.

Speaking of my sister,
she's on her way over with the boys.
We are going to enjoy this gloomy December day indoors,
listening to those precious feet running the full length of my upstairs
(that's an awesome hall for running). ;)

Wishing y'all the brightest, sunniest, most beautiful day!

Happy After Christmas Shopping, friends!