Motivation on Monday...

Good Monday morning!
Good First Monday in December morning!!

Good golly, only 24 more days till Christmas...
the panic has begun!

Today is officially "Cyber Monday". I am pretty much done with my shopping (& I never left my house). I waited on a couple of things, because I was waiting to see if I could catch a deal on them today. Are you done? Have you even started?

I've got a very busy day planned,
so I wanted to get right to Monday's Motivation
(because I need it):

(but, I might need more than just a little bit of coffee...) ;)

This is the pin source, the most delightful Etsy shop.
I do love little prints like those.

This morning, I need to ask my sweet blogging friends to please help me pray for two young people in my community.

One is my neighbor's daughter, she is 16 and the other is a church friend's son, he is 15. Both of them are battling cancer right now, when they should be hanging out with friends or shopping at the mall. Please pray for them and their sweet families. They have been on my mind all weekend and it would mean so much to me if you would help me lift them up. Thank you, friends.

I took a little blogging break over the weekend.
Spent time with my family,
decorated some trees...
ate some more...
it was a fun, relaxing weekend
and I am recharged &
ready to get back after it!

This week I have a new sponsor to tell you about,
How To Tuesday is going to be Christmas style,
and now that the Black Friday distraction is over
I'll be giving away Mama's Basket of Favorite Things!
That will be so fun, don't miss it!

I've got to get busy,
y'all know I love my productive Monday!

Have a great day, everyone!