Motivation on Monday

Good Monday Morning!!

I am blogging from my happy place...

(or the place that gets me to my happy place...the one where you can tuck your shirt in & wear a belt...)

I feel like I need a triumphant theme song playing!! I'm getting after it!!! (Because last week was an agonizing festival of GERMS!!)

Last Monday Evan came down with (& politely shared) a 48 hr bug that was a cousin of the flu. Game over for mama! 

Oh, mercy...I MISSED my gym time!! 

I mentioned needing prayers on Facebook last week; for our precious little friend Reagan who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. 

I wanted to thank you guys for praying for this baby. She did well with her treatment last week and they found NO CANCER CELLS in her spinal fluid!! She has a long road ahead, but I know this spunky little gal is going to beat it!

I'm getting ready to turn it up. 
Roll, sweat, roll! 

Here's a little motivation & positive nibbles...

I pinned that one last week & it has been re-pinned from me 56 times! I decided it was worth sharing here too. ❤️

& this one, calms me down...

He's got your back, all you've got to do is have faith & get after it!

Gotta run (literally)!
Much love to y'all this morning,
Mwah! ❤️