My Most Viewed Posts of 2014!

I was going through some stats &
making some notes about blogging goals for the upcoming year.

I thought it would be fun to share the top five most viewed posts from 2014.

I always like to look back and see what interests my blog readers the most.

Here's the top five of 2014...

the people have spoken! ;)

5. Motivation on Monday...Stronger
(because YOU ARE enough)

 4. Maverick's Top One Birthday Party
(because, seriously...that was the cutest thing ever)

the number three spot was a tie between...

3. Dressing Mama...In Booties
(because there will be NO MAMA left behind)

3.  Operation Lunchbox Make Your Own Uncrustables
(because clearly packing lunches isn't just the bane of MY existence)

2 . Antiquing a Perfectly Nice Chandelier 
(because not everybody is brave or crazy enough to do that)

and the number one, most viewed post of 2014...

1. Adventures of the Cheeky China Cabinet
(because apparently having P Daddy working the camera gets the job done) ;)

From this list,
I'm thinking I need to "keep on, keeping on" with my variation of topics...

there will be lots more furniture & paint projects, Dressing Mama will be at least bi-monthly (it's so fun), and Miss O & I are going to be working together in the kitchen (she keeps talking You Tube, but the introvert in me screams NOOOOOOO).

Book review "On My Nightstand" posts were the lowest viewed of all my posts this year, but they generated the HIGHEST amount of feedback. I know there are a good handful of people who read those and get in touch with me about the books so I will still be doing that in 2015 (because y'all know my nose is always crammed in a book & I like to treat imaginary book characters like they're my new BFF...).
Book Nerds Unite! ;)

I would LOVE some feedback from you guys...
Are there any topics you would like to see more of?
Any favorites?

I want to thank you for coming here and reading my crazy stories and offering me your friendship and support. I do love my blogging friends. ♥

Wishing you all the most AMAZING 2015...
let's go get after it!!!