Dressing Mama...in a Blanket Scarf

Last week I mentioned the Blanket Scarf in my rambling catch up entry.
You can read about it here.

The response to that part of my post was huge...
and hilarious!!
You guys are so funny!

Someone was kind enough to elaborate on how suffocating in the blanket scarf felt...
here's a fine example.

How we actually look in a blanket scarf:

and how we feel like we look in a blanket scarf...

The suffocation...
the struggle was real!! ;)


I'd much rather talk about spring attire, I can assure you...
But since there's (sadly)
several more weeks of COLD weather ahead of us,
let's talk more about staying warm &
Dressing a Mama up in a SCARF.

I found a few different looks on Pinterest that I really like...

Pin Source

Pin Source
Pin Source
Pin source
SUPER CUTE, aren't they!

Ok, let me ask you this...

After looking at these cute sample pictures,
did you happen to notice anything else that these girls were wearing?

I didn't...not really.
Just basics...jeans, white shirt, black on black...

This is a totally friendly,
do-able look that will make a mama look very stylish.

The best part, very little effort!
Dress it up or keep it casual,
that's my favorite part!

Now that you LOVE the blanket scarf look...
where can you buy one!?!

I LOVE this blanket scarf at Groopdealz!
It buttons in the front,
but can still be worn around the neck like a regular scarf.
It's cool beans!
(the only problem is deciding which one!!)

Plaid Button Blanket Scarf - $16.99
from: GroopDealz

If you're not wanting to commit to the blanket...
they also had cozy infinity scarves too,
that black/white one would go with tons of stuff!

Plaid Infinity Scarf - 2 Colors! - $11.99
from: GroopDealz

There are also some pretty ones on Jane right now, 14 different colors!
I love Jane!!

These are just $10.99!

This one is very similar to the one I have & love:

I found it here for $13.99,
but I've never bought from them before.

I also saw them on Amazon
(affiliate link)
I can vouch for Amazon,
they are the bomb!

I also LOVE this one on Amazon too...
it's SO pretty (& cheap, I ♥ cheap)

If you're not sure how to tie that scarf,
here's a link to TONS of different examples on Pinterest.
(how did we survive before Pinterest!?!) ;)


Ok, fun time is over for me...

I gotta go!
I'm in painting warrior mode this week...

The first time I painted our kitchen island it took me almost a year.
(off & on, nibble here, nibble there, do I like this look?, will this work?...)

It was rough & very distressed...
it really did look good,
but since we put this brick floor down it was just TOO much texture.
Too much texture stresses me out. ;)

This time around
(having 100% confidence in my painting skills)
it's going to be UNDER A WEEK,

I expect to be completely done tomorrow.
(#goals) ;)

I'll be back to share it soon,
but tomorrow is Thursday &
I am sharing a basket full of goodness to give away...
a few Crafty Southern Mama Favorites,
just in time for Valentine's Day. :)

I'll let y'all get back to Blanket Scarf Shopping...

Stay warm, friends!