Friday Nibbles...The Rest of the Ramblings

Hello & welcome to
Part Two of fun, fool ramblings...

Back to regular routine blogging next week...
I'll be sharing

minimal sass, 
a painting project,
& that long awaited "favorite things" giveaway!

So, grab some coffee...
Let's catch up...

1. The Blanket Scarf

I think I talked about these in a Dressing Mama post last month. I ordered one for myself around Thanksgiving, but just recently started wearing it.

These are all the rave on Pinterest, I found dozens of pictures & EVEN a simple tutorial on how to WEAR THEM (remember, no mama left behind)

It is a hoss!

I wore mine as directed above, it nearly suffocated me...
just so much scarf!!
Too much!!
That look is definitely for the tiny people.

I did NOT give up on it though!

I've started wearing mine like this...
and it is SO warm & cozy!!

Unfortunately, it probably looks more like this on me...

Who cares! ;)

Here's one very similar to the one I have (affiliate link).
It's so pretty & just goes with everything...
and it's not expensive!

2.  iPhone 6 Plus

I was talking about this earlier in the week, the touch ID feature. Since that post, my snarky children have informed me that my PREVIOUS PHONE (the 5) also had this feature & I failed to be aware.

Thank goodness I live with people who KNOW EVERYTHING...

One other AWESOME thing I'm finding about the iPhone 6 Plus...

it's HUGE & makes it nearly impossible to hold it in one hand and text...

which means, no more texting and driving...
which is a habit that I had been trying hard to break myself from
(I am not proud).

no phone in my hand in the car

because that thing way too big!

Thank you, P Daddy & Jesus! ♥

3.  Mom's Night Out movie...

Have you SEEN this cute movie?

It is so fun & refreshing!
It made me laugh out loud & I was tickled to death to hear people using God's name REPEATEDLY in a respectful manner!

Rent it, find it on Demand, or grab one from Amazon (affiliate link), you will love it!

4. Dear Malicious People,

(minor rant)

You stink!
You really do!
I don't know why you are so eat up with being ugly and cannot throw love & kindness around like confetti!

I've had it with stinky people!

I recently saw "a friend" (yes, I used air quotes there)
on Facebook attempting to subtly call attention to a VERY unfortunate mistake that someone had made (one that was ENTIRELY none of my business).

Sadly, they made it seem almost like they were entitled to broadcast anyone's sins as a civic duty to the Facebook community...and this is perfectly fine and acceptable...

My mouth hung open for days, stunned to the core!

I think they call that the straw that broke the camel's back.

I mentioned on my Crafty Southern Mama Facebook page,
I went through my feed & UNFOLLOWED all these ugly, narcissistic people who use Facebook as a platform to bully or broadcast their opinions.

Goodbye political rants,
fake propaganda, 
witch hunts,

Now my news feed is full of cute babies, recipes & uplifting bible verses.

It's pretty nice.

Adios, Malicious People
I have no time for you!

The end.

5. Our Kitchen Pantry

It's a confusing, stressful place...
and it's probably visited more than any other room in our house!

I'm having an estimate done,

"I have a Dream"...
(sorry, MLK humor...)

(as Olivia would say, "you're not that funny") ;)

I'll keep my fingers crossed...

& keep y'all posted.

6. P Daddy is turning 40!!!

Yes, indeed!
I'm watching the mailbox,
his "Club 40" card arrives this month!

He seems to be handling it well.
I know the kids & I have had a blast planning a (tiny) party for him!
It's going to be nothing but bray like a donkey laughing fun...
I promise! ;)

I ran up on this link while I was party planning.
Oh, how I wish P Daddy's name was MARTY!!
This party theme is epic!!!

The Marty Party

Somebody please go throw a party for a Marty. ;)

7. Girl Scout Cookies

(another mild rant)

I loved Girl Scouts, but I am so thankful that Olivia doesn't sell those cookies anymore. Those evil cookies are on my list of things that make me want to say bad words.

NOBODY needs those cookies, nobody!
They're BAD for you!
They're full of high fructose corn syrup, artificial food colors, and even GMO soy.
Shew, nasty!

Young ladies of America, I will support you as a Girl Scout...
but I will not buy those nasty cookies!

That is all. ;)


Go on & get ready...
It's coming for you!
In my never ending quest to give SUGAR FREE gifts on a candy filled holiday, I bought these for my kids.

Giant Mylar Valentine Balloons 


Yeah, that'll take their mind off that candy they didn't get (from me).
(wicked laugh...)

(or as Olivia would say, "you're not that funny") ;)

9. Speaking of Valentine's Day Gifts

This nifty little box has been the best gift ever!!
I know any lady or gentleman would love it!

I cannot believe the sound that comes out of that thing!
We have jammed all over the house &
now my children are fully educated on the complete Dirty Dancing soundtrack...
"those Hungry Eyes..." ;)


You can get one here:

10. (in case you haven't noticed)  IT'S FREEZING!!

I've heard several people claim to have problems with pipes freezing already this year...
If you're local, I wanted you to have Adam Patterson on speed dial (615-854-1798).

His guys will get you fixed up & thawed out quick!


Well, fun time is over for me.
I need to get busy here...

I'll leave you guys with this one:

Morgan Freeman...
all on my list of things I love! ;)

Happy Rambling Weekend, Friends!!