Monday, Motivation & Mumbles...

It's Monday!!!

It's a big Monday at our house!
P Daddy's last grouchy Monday in his 30's!! (I'm joking, he's never grouchy just on Monday morning...) ;)

I kid, 
I'm the grouchy one. 
Not him. 
(No talkie before coffee)

Anyway, we're pretty excited! The kids planned him a party & I know it's going to be very fun! They are very giddy over it because the location is the place where P Daddy & I went on our very first date. They are so pumped, I can't wait to watch them enjoy it! 

Im sure you guys know, I am pretty serious about policing my kid's social media. Clearly, it isn't going away & I feel like I might have a real chance to train these kids to not post stupid stuff if I'm all up in their business! 

I've noticed that Owen actually seems bored with it now, (after I was making him delete something I didn't like a couple of times a week). He knows he can't escape CSI Mama...Horatio Caine taught me well! 

I have to share this picture I found though, posted on Twitter by Owen's little girlfriend. 

(Why, yes...I police there too)
(That's where the real news is anyway.) ha! 

Young love...
Those kids are just too cute! 

I've been hanging on to this bible verse lately. It was the rock and strength of one of the Love Comes Softly books, where Willie & Missy head out west in their covered wagon...from the book of Isaiah 41:10. 

They named their first son Isaiah (his middle name) because this verse gave them the strength to make it through such very hard times. 

Its a very powerful verse that keeps me motivated. ❤️

Well, speaking of motivation. I've got to put this phone down & run for a bit.

Must. Keep. On. 

I'll be back after lunch today to share a fun giveaway & later this week I'll show you what's been cooking in my kitchen (& it's not food). 

Wishing y'all the warmest, wonderful Monday!