Motivation on a Beautiful Monday Morning!

Three days in a ROW...
The sun has been shining for THREE straight days here in middle Tennessee!

After the funky weather we've had for the past two months,
I am ready to believe that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real!

I have been the LEAST efficient person on the entire planet!
I NEED sunshine!!!

I wanted to pop in here real quick to share some motivation.

You realize this Motivation on Monday is really just for me...
I'm the fruitcake,
I NEED this motivation! ;)

Here's what I'm talking about today...

Being a grown up is not very fun..
it wears me out sometimes!

"It's Very Hard"

Here's how I'm dealing with hard stuff lately...

I get on my knees,
I pray,
I give it to God...
& then I quit taking this grown up stuff so seriously!

Because really...

It's true!
Let that stuff go.
Better things are coming.♥

Happy Monday, sweet friends!