Motivation on Monday...#GOALS

I've noticed this hashtag that girls are using on social media,

From what I gather,
#GOALS is often used in reference to relationships,
(like having a boyfriend who is shares his love for you on social media for all to see).
(yes, I stalk Big O's social media like an episode of CSI)

It's funny how #GOALS are different for a woman at every stage of their life.

In high school #GOALS is mostly about finding "that guy",
the one that makes you happy...

In your 40's #GOALS is more about finding "that girl",
the one that is truly in charge of your happiness.

Somewhere along the way it gets confusing...

between college,
starting a career,
getting married,
having kids,
figuring out how to keep those kids alive,
run a house,
have job,
have real friends,
oh, yeah...& have a marriage (the part where this crazy ride began)...

we were skinny,
we got fat, 
we got skinny again,
boom, fat,
tried to get skinny again,

you're a friend,
you're a wife,
you're a mama,

you're everything!

This mama thing is hard!

Mamas are busy,
& it's pretty easy lose track of who WE really are.

This year I'm working on that one...
stepping back &
getting in touch with who on earth I am now.

"Hi, I'm Mandy...nice to meet you"
"Cute shirt..."

And just like Will taught me at the gym...
I've got to be the best Mandy that I can be,
and I can't do that if I don't like ME.

If you don't have any "New Years Goals" yet,
here's a very simple and realistic list for you to follow in 2015:

You're a mama!!
You're pretty awesome,
& you deserve that kind of love!

You deserve kind words,
you deserve time to exercise,
you deserve to do things that you enjoy
& you deserve feel awesome.

You do
& I do too!

Watch out 2015,
we're gonna be the best we can be!

(starting right now)

Let's hop up &
go kick Monday's butt!


Go get after it, friends!