This & That...Random Nibbles

Last month I couldn't stop talking,
this month I can't think of anything relevant to write about...

I think last month's GLOOM & DOOM weather has taken its toll.


Here are a few  nibbles from our house right now...

1. Dyslexia Update:

Sweet baby has been a worker in 2nd grade, I can hardly even put into words how (nearly amazed) and proud I am of him! In December of 2013 he barely could identify the letters in the alphabet, in December 2014 he's tested reading on a 3rd grade level! He's all about it!

It was an expensive, exhausting road...but worth every penny!

So proud of my Pootie Bear!

2. My little nephew turned three... 

Recognize that shirt? 
I sure got my money's worth out of that one!

We'll get to celebrate with him this weekend!!!
I can't wait!!!!

3. Love Comes Softly Series

My mother bought this boxed set for Olivia for Christmas, but it was just the first four books (and I have just gobbled them up). I decided that my reading obsession has become expensive & in 2015 I will visit the public library more.

Yesterday I was in a twitch ALL DAY LONG because I had blocked off 45 minutes at the end of the day (before picking up the kids) to go sit in the library & start on book #5!!!

Except they didn't have book #5.
Nor did they have two other books that I had designated as backup titles.

Hiss, spit.
Needless to say, I bought a book on my Nook last night...

4. The Road to College (Football)

Oh, friends!
You are going to hear me yam a lot about this over the next couple of years!
Big O has decided that it's going to be his goal to not only play college football (oh, my poor nerves), but he also aspires to get a scholarship doing it!

We're working with a little recruiter.
Since Owen is on the verge of being a "rising junior"...
oh, my...
there's so much, so much...
oh, the details!!
I'll be posting more about this really soon.

5. Touch ID feature on the iPhone

In P Daddy's never ending quest to spoil me rotten,
he bought me a new iPhone for Christmas.
I got the 6 Plus...
I decided since I don't talk on the phone anyway,
I really liked this bigger size.

It's like a mini iPad mini & big enough to read a book on
(mercy, see

Anyway, the most thrilling thing to me is this TOUCH ID feature!!
I can just push the button & it reads my fingerprint to unlock!
I just marvel!!
That's the coolest feature ever!!!

It's definitely one of my favorite gifts!

6. This Vest!!!

I want this vest in a bad way...
but I am too cheap to pay that much for one right now.

I recently talked P Daddy into getting a vest...

He LOVES his vest...
so much, in fact...
he bought another!! Ha!

Rarely is he seen without his new vest on these days &

I may or may not have heard him refer to
wearing his beloved new vest as  
"being in the vest mafia" (LMBO)...

I do love that man,
he makes me laugh.


I don't really need another vest...
I shall plot & stew... ;)

That's all I have time for &
I have about five other things to tell you...

I will be back! ;)

I hope you guys are staying warm...
hang in there, friends...
January is already HALF WAY OVER!!


Happy Wednesday, Friends!