Armoire Adventure in Annie Sloan Paris Gray (Chalk Paint)

I recently had the opportunity to paint this gorgeous armoire in a beautiful, warm bathroom (emphasis on warm, as I am SO sick of being cold!!).

It was already a stunning piece, but the owner was tired of plain brown & wanted to give it a new "old" look. 

She wanted a rich variation of gray, but did not want the Annie Sloan (AS) Graphite. So, I started our base layer with the AS Paris Gray (which is a VERY light shade of gray). 

I always distress before adding the AS wax or another finish. 

This piece roughed up so nicely, I love just a hint of aged distressing!

I decided to try a new product on this paint, so I took the drawer home with me to play around with it (the alternative to trying to paint with the sheer terror of possibly messing up a bathroom that belongs in a magazine). ;)

I used Mini Wax Wood Finish in Ebony,
painted on then then wiped down.
I bought this product at Home Depot. 

It's black. 
It was scary. 
I will not lie.

Wear rubber gloves
& have one of your husband's old tee shirts cut up
& ready to rumble.
(just don't tell him you're cutting up his old tee shirts though) ;)

I was very pleased because this stain seals like a finish.
It was smooth & soft.

See what difference it made over the Paris Gray!
It was just lovely! 

It was looking good...
But I didn't stop there. 

THEN I went back and painted on a coat of my favorite Java Brown Glaze.

Yes, this is the SAME can!

You paint it on & wipe it off 
(lightly, heavily, however you want the finish to appear). 

It gave this piece a warm, 
aged look that looked yummy with the original hardware. 
I was so tickled with it!  

It was beautiful before,
but now it really commands attention in this room!

Here's a list of what I used:

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray
A coarse hand sanding block
Mini Wax Wood Finish in Ebony
Rustoleum Decorative Glaze in Java Brown

I'll definitely be using that ebony stain my dirty garage, where it's safe to make a mess! ;)

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