Groundhog Day Motivation...

Good Groundhog Day Monday!

I'm sure you've already heard,
that rat has predicted six more weeks of freezing gloom.

Hiss, spit!

Oh, well...
Happy Groundhog Day anyway!

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?
I "watched" the commentary via Facebook...
I love how the Super Bowl turns all my football friends into sportscasters...


Since Big O is cool & has a social life,
he was off at an official "Super Bowl Party"
(& you should use air quotes when you read that, ok?)

At my house I skipped out on football &
had a heated game of Monopoly with Sneaky E & Miss O!

I also participated in a little "Souper Bowl". ;)
(my children failed to detect humor in my pun even when I wrote it down on the chalkboard...)
(they're no fun)..

White Chicken Chili...
It was SOOOO good!!

I used this exact recipe from Once Upon a Chef,
but added a can of Rotel because it was lime & cilantro rotel & I have no idea why it was in my pantry & this recipe was calling for both lime & cilantro & you can never really go wrong with rotel...
you know...

If you're freezing,
whip up a pot of this stuff...
it's delicious!

Somehow, my house is absolutely trashed this morning...
I am armed with my cleaning list
(because...LOOK, a squirrel...)
I cannot accomplish anything without one!

So much to do...ugh!

I also need to go to the grocery,
but it is blowing snow outside &
we don't need anything that bad...

Ok, let's get motivated with this lovely thought:

And I'll take warm also, thank you...


I loved reading all your comments about your simple (totally not lame or boring) favorite things!

I'm excited to announce the winner of the Winter Blahs Gift Basket...

Comment #10...Trcy

I love cute salt & pepper shakers... Something must be wrong with me. Lol
Trcy, please email me with your mailing address 
& this basket of goodness will be headed your way!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment,
you guys are the best! 

I hope you guys are warm & cozy on this blustery winter morning!!
I'll be back tomorrow to share my newly painted kitchen island.