I Prefer 50 Shades of Grace...

It's possible that I am the only woman in America that feels this way.
This blog post has been on my mind,
weighing on my heart for some time now.
I really need to share how I feel.

But first, let me start this entry off on the right foot.

1. I love my husband.

I am absolutely crazy about my husband.

I also love to read books and watch movies that weave silly, romantic tales of two people who are as very much in love as he and I have been for many, many years.

2. Do I think other men are hot?

Yes, friends...I do.
I could easily name five celebrities that I find to be extremely sexy & handsome.
That's normal & it's really ok.

I could make a list.

But I won't,
out of sincere love and respect for my spouse. 

Because I do not want to see a list of five extremely sexy women that my husband has made (even though I am sure there are plenty of sexy women he could list & that's normal & that's really ok too).

3. Erotic literature turns me off.

Because a person's sex life is private
& really none of anyone's business.
I am too busy daydreaming about my husband,
I don't need to read erotic literature to help spice it up.

I also don't need those kinds of movies either.
I have certainly seen my share of "sex scenes" in rated R films,
haven't we all...
& I can assure you that is more than enough action for me.

I don't need those kinds of movies or books in my life because I am perfectly happy with this extremely sexy and handsome man that God chose for me to walk beside in this life. I stood before God and vowed to love, honor and cherish him & just him...till death do us part...I said those words. 
I'm pretty serious about it, we both are.

All of that is perfectly ok 
perfectly fine, 
& entirely my private, personal business.

Remember a couple of years ago when everyone seemed to be crazy to read 50 Shades of Grey

I had a friend highly recommend it...
ok, a lot more than one friend...
I listened to their excited summary of it and
I told them 

"wow...I'll have to pick that one up".
(my exact words, true story)

And I did pick one up.

In the store.

I flipped it over and read the back cover...

and I put it back down.
(also a true story)

It completely turned me off...
and honestly, 
my initial reaction to reading that back cover was
"this is garbage".

Shortly after, I made it known on social media that this genre of literature just does not interest me at all...
(and since everyone seemed to have an opinion about that book series, certainly I could have one too...)

I immediately found out that it is ONLY acceptable to have an opinion about this book series on social media if your opinion is in favor of it.

Guess what?
I was wrong.
This 50 Shades of Grey is not just garbage,
it's a complete work of the devil himself.

I was "unfriended" on Facebook because I said I really am not interested in reading a book about a woman who allows a man to bind her, chain her up, empower her and demean her sexually.
(sadly, also a true story)


before you pin me for some "judging, self righteous" person.
I don't have a problem with you liking this book;
nor am I looking down my nose at you for wanting to see this movie.
That's your private business,
your mind,
your heart.

I'm simply exercising my first amendment right to say 
"Hey, no thank you"...

because NOW that there's a movie coming out,
now that there's a commercial glamorizing it on every channel,
now that this 50 Shades of Grey is "a household name"...

it's not private business anymore!

All three of my children are aware of it...
my precious, 
silly romantic,
almost 13 year old daughter is aware of it...

I am exercising my first amendment right to say 
"Hey, no thank you".   

I will not stand for GARBAGE like that to be the "norm".

I will not!
And as a christian, I feel like I should encourage you to not stand for it either!

I found this great blog entry that sums up my feelings about this movie so eloquently (because at this point I am so sick of it in my face everywhere I go, I would like to scream & rev a chainsaw). I am not Roman Catholic, but this author hits every point that shares my feelings about this book & film.

I have not read this book.
I don't need to,
because the day I picked it up in the store
and read that back cover
I felt God tell me NOT to.

What you put inside your mind fills your thoughts, 
it goes to your heart...

Guard your heart, friends!

Guard the heart of your child,
the heart of your little grandchild...

If this interests you PRIVATELY,
that is entirely fine & is your private business.
But don't let this become acceptable,
normal reading and viewing for our culture.

I think if I had to pick, I prefer 50 Shades of Grace.

His grace.
I'd pick 50 Shades, 100 Shades of His Grace...
any day!

If you want to read a racy love story that will rock you to your core,
take your breath away,
be unable to put it down...

Get a copy of this book,
Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers

It will leave you speechless
and your heart full of grace!

I did not write this blog post to shame anyone, 
I did not write this to preach that I'm better than anyone,

I wrote this blog post because I care about your heart...
and this is not what we need to be reading or watching.

Are you mad at me now?
If you're still reading all the way down here, you might be.

Get mad about it,
be furious!!

Demand that this garbage stay out of your mind & 
out of the lives of your family.
We deserve better!

My 13 year old daughter deserves better!

You deserve better!

Like I said before,
it's possible that I'm the only woman in America that feels this way...
but I couldn't stay quiet about how I feel when I felt God nudging me to say it out loud.

I'm going to get off this little soapbox now
and hope that these words have touched someone's heart;

because you really do deserve better.  ♥