Motivation on Monday...

This morning middle TN is enjoying the big
ICE STORM of 2015!

Yesterday it was all anyone could talk about...
the predicted 5-10 inches of glorious snow!!!

Unfortunately, we woke up to one inch of ICE &
freezing rain continues to fall...

Well, anyway.

Lately I've been motivated by slowing down &
trying to keep things simple.

When my kids were smaller,
I ran myself literally crazy trying to DO EVERYTHING

That was such a stressful time
& was so exhausting!

Well, you know what?

Now, it's over.

That Crazytown window of time has slammed shut.

I'm thankful that I did not miss a minute of it,

but I am ashamed to admit that let myself be so busy & stressed & frazzled...

I really did not thoroughly enjoy it. :(

This past year has been all about slowing things down.
We are two very short years away from having a COLLEGE student...
an 18 year old, LEGAL ADULT!

I think it hit me last fall when he was starting varsity football as a sophomore...
it was like I'd been punched in the belly!

And then one day not too long ago,
I turned around to speak to Miss O &
had to glance up slightly to look her in the eye.

And then it was realizing that Sneaky E really is the same age that Owen was when we moved into this house...which I swear was just a minute ago, but really it was 8 years!

Of course, I know
that a page will turn &
new wonderful things are going to happen with our family.

But right now...
I'm focusing on slowing things down,
because every day that I have left with them at home now is a special occasion.

Today's motivation;
keep it simple.♥

And stay warm. ;)

Happy Monday, friends!