Random Nibbles...

1. It's Valentine's Week!!

That's great,
but I'm kinda looking forward to April Fools all the sudden...

P Daddy would choke me for sure!! ;)

(seriously, how funny would that be though!?!?)

2. My Favorite Shoes Alert!!!

Me Too Legend Ballet Flats are on sale at Nordstorm!!
I have the WORST time finding ballet flats,
some are so flat they make my feet ache!!

This brand is SO comfortable,
well worth the money!
I have two pairs and have just about worn them out!

This pewter has been down the road & back many times,
I'm excited to get a new pair (on sale)!

Women's Me Too 'Legend' Flat, Size 8.5 M - Metallic

3. Sophie Hudson book signing...

I'm so excited!

Ms Sophie will be at the Lifeway Store in Franklin, TN on Saturday from 12-2!

I've never been to a book signing before,
so I am super excited to have a chance to meet her
& let her know how much I love her stories...
and thank her for introducing me to my favorite encouraging phrase...


I say it all the time! ;)

Here's her most recent book, Home Is Where My People Are:

Have you read either of her books?
You would love them...
they are SO, SO good!!

4. Kanye West.

People, wake up.
That man is in business to make money & to do that you have to stay relevant. The social media is full of people commenting about how stupid he is, what an idiot he is...

He's stupid...but yet after he acts ugly at an awards show and two days later WE ARE STILL talking about him?

Mission accomplished.

Can we all stop talking about how he tricked us into talking about him now?

5. Aveda Comforting Tea

Oh, friends!!
You have got to try this tea!
I don't even like tea really, I'm a coffee girl...

This Aveda Comforting Tea is so good,
I don't put anything in it...
just hot water & the tea bag.

It might be the basil in it that makes it so sweet...
but, oh...it is absolutely divine!!!

6. 50 Shades of Grey

I am working on a post about this, but in the meantime...

this morning I realized this was not just "a movie"...

it is a trilogy!

God help me...

Ugh, complete garbage!

7. Shows We Love

During the winter months you will find us parked in front of the TV...

Normally, we like to watch movies...
but, in the past few months the kids & I have brayed like a donkey laughing over these two tv shows:

The Goldbergs...
(seriously, this is funny stuff)

& Blackish

Have you seen these?
Tomorrow night's episodes are all Valentine's oriented,
they are sure to be hysterical!

8. FREE BOOK Alert!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Melanie Shankle's books...
and this one is

FREE for a limited time!!

Go get one!!!

9. Lunch Box Funk

I am getting ready to hunt up some new lunch box ideas,
we are in a major lunch box funk here!

I saw these the other day,
FunBites Shaped Food Cutter...
they would be really fun!

You can get one on Amazon (they are my shopping kwan) 
(yes, Jerry McGuire was on tv the other day)

10. Big News from my boss (P Daddy)...

the expansion of our Lebanon office!!
I've been helping with paint colors & cabinets & counter tops....
It's very exciting!!

I'll be sharing about that very soon.

In the meantime,
get your appointment scheduled so you can see it in person! ;)


I do love our little blog chats...
but that's all the random nibbles I have time for today...

I've got to get up
& go...
get after it!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a new paint project...
it is a whopper!!!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!