Sweet Nibbles on Valentine Weekend...

I am on mean,
sugar detox today!

I am ashamed to admit how much chocolate I nibbled on yesterday for Valentines!

I was a pretty excited first thing when P Daddy surprised me with the most gorgeous flowers, accompanied by the biggest box of chocolates I have ever seen in person!

And you know what they say about a box of chocolates,
you never know what you're going to get...

That statement does not apply to this specific box of chocolates,
as it came with the most detailed candy map ever made!

Most helpful. ;)

Needless to say,
the kids & I all tried out one piece too many!

Later, I dropped everybody like hot potatoes to drive to Franklin to Sophie Hudson's book signing at the Lifeway Store. Y'all know how much I LOVE Sophie Hudson!!!

Franklin is a little drive from my house, so I had time to think about all the things I might say that didn't sound too stupid or stalkerish...

And actually if you knew what a serious freak introvert that I really am, me driving to Franklin to do this & actually following though with it...well, that's huge!

It wasn't real crowded so I had a chance to chat with her for a couple of minutes & who knows what I said...I must have come across as fairly harmless because she allowed us to have a picture taken together. She was very sweet & just as wonderful as I predicted her to be.

My only regret is that I forgot to tell her how much I appreciate her introducing me to my favorite motivational phrase "GET AFTER IT"! No one escapes me without a pep talk that includes a little Get After It! ;)

Anyway, you would love her books...
and her blog!

Now for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to watch The Best of Me last night.

I will never trust Nicholas Sparks again!

The last couple of movies that I have seen of his were really good,
they had their signature sad parts (of course),
but delivered a happy ending that left you all warm & fuzzy inside.

I hadn't heard anything about this movie or book,
so I assumed it was going to be harmless as well.

I like James Marsden (who stars in this movie),
I had a first grader (back when I was teaching),
who has a cousin,
who was married to James Marsden
(but, sadly I don't think they're married anymore).

This little guy always had stories to tell about being related to one of the XMen & I could tell James Marsden was the kind of guy who made sure this kid felt cool & important (however, he never made an appearance in our classroom...ahem). Plus, I had some former students who hailed him to be "a really nice guy" when he was shopping at our local Old Navy (where they were working, like HOW the heck are they old enough to be working?!).

I judge people by how they treat children & animals.
So, I like him.
He's a good actor also, I'm glad to see him do well.

Well, assuming this movie was harmless was the biggest mistake of my whole day.

It was a GREAT movie,
WHAT a story!!
But I ended up using two tissues!

Darn you, Nicholas Sparks!!!

However, on a happier note...
the littles & I snuggled up on Friday night watching
Alexander ...

After it was over,
both of them said that movie was exactly like life at our house!
(raw honesty at its finest)

It was a cute, hysterical funny, family movie...
you definitely need to watch it with your peeps!

I am pretty excited!
This evening my aunt & uncle are coming over for dinner.
I somehow haven't seen them in years!

I'm going to be busy today getting things ready for that
& then there's all this talk about SNOW.

It never snows here in middle Tennessee...
I DID fight the crowd at the grocery yesterday to get my bread & milk.
But, only because I am fixing dinner for my aunt & uncle today.

The hysteria over snow here...
wear me out!

I just stood up &
put my hands on my sides...
I can feel all the chocolate that I ate...
already settled on my hips.

I'll be back with some motivation,
I don't want your Monday to look like this. ;)

 Plus, I want to tell y'all about this little table I snagged
& what all is happening with it! ;)

Wishing y'all a WARM, Blessed Sunday!