Where's Your Cozy Spot?

Normally, I am hopping busy when I am at home.
I just do not sit down unless I'm blogging.

I don't know why,
but in the winter time all I want to do it sit...
in a chair,
under a blanket,
next to the fire,
with a wiener dog in my lap!

I'm all about a cozy spot!

I guess I'm not the only one who likes to do that in the winter time.
One of my favorite blogs, Dixie Delights recently asked readers and bloggers to send in a picture of your favorite cozy spot.

This is a picture of Amanda's cozy spot at home:

Oh, that furry blanket...
I covet!!

Since my game is totally snuggling in a cozy spot,
I just had to jump on board!

Here's a couple of shots of where you might find me on a freezing mid-day in winter (after dark I'm tucked into the recliner in theater room with cats, dogs & kids).

My spot is cozy, but not comfy enough to put me to sleep.
Cozy productive is very much how I roll! ;)

How about you,
do you have a cozy spot?

Snuggle up in yours & head over to Amanda's blog, Dixie Delights to check out the dozens of cozy spots she's sharing.

Wishing y'all a warm,