A Pot of Birthday Goals

Earlier this month I saw this great blog entry on Dixie Delights. Amanda had made a list of 40 goals to accomplish this year as she turned 40 (Happy birthday, Amanda!). 

It seems like the older I get,
the faster the years fly by
and her post made me realize that
I really would accomplish a lot more if I made a list of goals for myself.

Certainly, I won't list 42 things 
(because, look a squirrel...)

but here's list of a few things I really hope to accomplish during the year that I'm forty-two:
(& dang, how on earth am I 42!?!)

1.  Get back into running.

For the past nine months I have been working on getting stronger physically & mentally, now it's time to get back into my running shoes.

I'm ready to get after it!!

2. Register for & run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2016. 

Want to go with me?!

I also want to do this race, the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston...it's March 28th this year & will be #1 on my list of goals next year!

2. Save up and buy myself a bike. 

There are lots of great trails in the area & I  cannot even tell you how happy it makes me to get outside and ride a bike!

3. Buy flowers...

When I can't cut them out of my own yard.

Fresh cut flowers are so pretty & make me happy.
I definitely want to have more happiness the year I'm forty-two.

4. Do a new bible study. 

I did Angela Thomas' Stronger this year and it was wonderful.
Any suggestions? 

5. Get some grit!

I am THE WORST about making excuses & letting things keep me from accomplishing my goals...especially fitness goals. This year, I will do better!

Put that cookie down, girl!!

6. Spend more time with Owen. 

I need to spend more individual time with all three of my kids, really. But as the second half of high school is about to begin, I can literally hear the clock ticking out loud every time he walks into the room...

and it makes me panic...

how did it go by that fast!!

7. Get out more, without kids! 
I mean put on some heels get out!

I love my kids, but every mama needs to get out!
Want to go with me?

8. Play some golf.

P Daddy loves golf.
I love P Daddy.
I suck at golf.
The end.

9. Play music at home. 

On concert level.

We're talking blasting in the kitchen while cooking dinner & randomly raising my red solo glass full of sweet tea while belting out old school Kenny Chesney play music on concert level!

(just to clear up any confusion) ;)

10. Be a better wife & spend more time with sweet P Daddy.

Being a grown up is hard.
Being a mama is also hard.
Being a grown up & being a mama, all while trying to have a romance & be a great wife...
it takes some effort...
you girls know what I'm talking about.

This man works so hard,
and I love him so much.

No amount of time spent together is enough time for me to spend with him.This year I'm definitely planning up more grown up things for us to do.

So, that's my plan.

Since I'm lucky enough to still be around at forty-two,
I'm going to live each day to the fullest!

Thanks for stopping by to visit today!

Wishing y'all the greenest, pinch free St Patrick's Day!