Celebrating Our Ides of March Baby

We've had such a great weekend celebrating Owen's 17th birthday!

It's been a beautiful spring Sunday & he was born on a beautiful spring Sunday just like today...seventeen years ago. 

I was able to take this picture today at the exact(ish) time that he was born. You know how I love corny stuff like that. ❤️

We had a little family party last night. 

Here he is with his tiny family members. 

He loves his Grandma & his Nana
(& his little friend, Hannah). ❤️

Most of his "crew" was out of town for spring break, so we're planning something with them next weekend. 

He had a party last night, golfed today, had a big birthday lunch & now he's off on "a date"...I think he's had a good one. 

I admit though, I'm starting to "beware of the Ides of March"...there's no way I'm letting this little baby turn EIGHTEEN! 
No, ma'am!!

I'm so thankful for such a beautiful Sunday to celebrate. 

I'm glad you stopped by to visit. 

Wishing everyone a blessed evening!